The Cowards Who Attack General Dempsey
February 24, 2012 • 9:59AM

On Feb. 21, former DIA Middle East analyst and retired colonel Pat Lang posted a call to action on his blog in defense of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey. "I anticipate a continuing attack on General Dempsey, the CJCS by AIPAC/Likud and their Zombie media clients," Lang wrote. "He will have a great deal of trouble defending himself in what is essentially a political arena. We do not have such a problem. To paraphrase Sheridan again, 'If you love your country, come up to the front...'"

Lyndon LaRouche was more precise: The only solution is to remove Barack Obama from office.

Lang's warning has been fully borne out by the behavior of the zombie media and political establishment in the 48 hours since. Perhaps the most egregious attack came from Senator John McCain (R-Az.), who happened to be in Israel when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Dempsey "served the Iranians" and would only make matters worse with his reluctance to enthusiastically support a military attack on Iran. One would have thought military man McCain to have felt compelled to defend Dempsey, but instead he toed Netanyahu's line. There should be no daylight between America and Israel in our assessment of the [Iranian] threat, he said in Jerusalem on Tuesday. Russia Today pointedly noted that McCain's remarks "came only hours after the senator sat down with Netanyahu, who just earlier had called Dempsey a servant of Iran."

Newt Gingrich toed the same line during the Republican presidential candidates' debate in Arizona, on Wednesday night. In response to the question by CNN's John King on Dempsey's comments, during his interview last weekend, that an attack on Iran would be destabilizing and that Iran is a "rational actor," Gingrich said "I can't imagine why he would say that," and then proceeded to promise that he would give Netanyahu the green light to attack Iran.

Then there was the unsigned editorial, dated yesterday, that appeared on the website of the Wall Street Journal. The Urinal accused Dempsey of "sending a message of weakness to Tehran," and said that he "sent precisely the wrong message if the main U.S. strategic goal is convincing Iran to give up its nuclear ambitions." After quoting Dempsey from last weekend's CNN interview, on why it's "not prudent" to attack Iran at this time, the Urinal writes: "In a single sound bite, General Dempsey managed to tell the Iranians they can breathe easier because Israel's main ally is opposed to an attack on Iran, such attack isn't likely to work in any case, and the U.S. fears Iran's retaliation. It's as if General Dempsey wanted to ratify Iran's rhetoric that the regime is a fearsome global military threat." The Urinal calls, instead, for the US and Israel, together, to scare the bejesus out of the Iranians so that they fear a US attack even more. Their aim, the Urinal proclaims, is to "get to the brink" and make everyone think they can build a bomb anytime they want to, which would vastly increase the costs of deterrence and make a war more likely, they claim.

Lt. Col. Daniel Davis, in his "Dereliction of Duty II" report, not only exposes those senior Army officers who are willingly participating in lies about the Afghanistan war, but also singles out a few for their integrity. Among those is Gen. Dempsey: "What gives me perhaps the greatest hope for the Army that positive change is possible lies in America's newest chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Though I have personally never met General Martin Dempsey, I know those who have and what they tell me is that this man says in public exactly what he means in private. If that be so, such news makes me hopeful, indeed."