Chatham House To Release War Plan vs. Russia
February 24, 2012 • 10:03AM

Britain's Royal Institute for International Affairs denizens have put out the word that they will release next week a forecast of what they hope to bring about in Russia over the coming six years: its shattering, and even break-up.

The study displays the British monarchy's hatred of Vladimir Putin for refusing to play by the rules of its game. Entitled "Putin Again, Implications for Russia and the West," Chatham House announces that its report foresees a "stark" future, in which "Russia's very fabric, as well as its place in the world is at risk." Putin, the instruments of government, and the security forces are declared "corrupted and unreliable;" the December Duma elections, "fixed;" relations with Europe (except Germany, they admit) poor; and international lending to Russian banks and companies unlikely to increase.

So, we can look forward to reading more on British plans for turning opposition protests into "lasting organization," capable of bringing down Putin, and then the Russian State. It might even be amusing at times, to read the British monarchy's own foreign policy thinktank babbling away about how "Russians are beginning to flex their muscles as citizens rather than to behave merely as subjects"!