Soros' "Humanitarians" Lead Charge for War Against Syria
February 25, 2012 • 9:40AM

There is little "independent" about the "Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria," which announced on the eve of the rump "Friends of Syria" meeting in Tunis, that it had compiled a secret list of senior Syrian government and military officials whom it charges are responsible for "crimes against humanity and other gross human rights violations." Killings and bombings carried out by the Al Qaeda-led armed opposition were deemed "not comparable in scale or organization to those carried out by the State."

The list handed over to U.N. Human Rights Commissioner on Feb. 23, is to be kept sealed for the moment, holding out the threat of international trials — or execution without trial as was meted out to Qaddafi. The commission based these latest charges on 136 interviews with Syrians outside the country, and ignored any government information.

This commision was established by the Human Rights Council in August 2011, with a mandate to submit a written report to the Council in March 2012. First last November, and again now, the commission jumped in to issue findings of "crimes against humanity," when the efforts to get a U.N. Security Council mandate for the British monarchy's doctrine of military imposition of "humanitarian regime change" in Syria was blocked by Russia and China.

So who's the chair of the "Independent" commission? Brazilian lawyer Paulo Sergio Pinheiro, who has fed in the stable of British bagman and dope pusher George Soros for years, going back (at least) to his role as a prominent figure in Soros's anti-Mynamar operation. Pinheiro brags that such "eminent human rights activists" as George Soros, Aryeh Neier, president of Soros's euthanesia and dope-pushing Open Society Institute, and former Brazilian President turned Soros legalization campaigner, Fernando Henrique Cardoso, sit on a global panel he set up, ostensibly to fight child corporal punishment.

Don't look for independence either from former U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan, named on Feb. 23 U.N.-Arab League Special Envoy on Syria. Now well-funded by Bill Gates, as Secretary General, Annan dutifully fought for the creation of one anti-sovereignity structure after another churned out by his deputy, Soros's business partner and buddy, Lord Malloch-Brown, most notably the founding of the International Criminal Court to the enshrining of "Responsibility to Protect" (R2P) as UN doctrine.