China on "Friends of Syria": "Hiding A Dagger Behind A Smile"
February 26, 2012 • 10:02AM

Xinhua, China's government news agency, starts its analysis of the "Friends of Syria" war council as follows:

"Syrian observers and analysts slammed the Friends of Syria conference currently underway in Tunis, pointing out that 'it would further inflame the violence in Syria under the pretext of building humanitarian corridors.' 'The participants of this conference are not standing at the same distance from all parties of the conflict in Syria, but they are trying to incite the opposition against the regime,' Janpolat Shkai, a political analyst, told Xinhua. He pointed out that the conference 'will have symbolic success, but will be a failure in terms of content..., and will further aggravate the crisis rather than calm it down.'"

In another, "In Depth", piece, Xinhua says:

"More and more Arab countries have recognized that foreign intervention only results in riots, violence and poverty. In the face of frequent bomb attacks in Iraq and the bloody civil war in Libya, most of the Arab countries have begun to realize that the United States and Europe are hiding a dagger behind a smile — in other words, while they appear to be acting out of humanitarian concern, they are actually harboring hegemonistic ambitions."