Afghanistan Explodes, Sparked by Koran Burning, and Rage Spreads Worldwide Against the U.S. War Policy
February 26, 2012 • 10:06AM

Afghanistan is exploding in rage against the foreign occupation of the country, sparked by the burning on Feb. 20 of copies of the Koran taken from a prison library at Bagram Air Field. The copies of the Koran were supposedly being used to pass messages between inmates. The whole scenario of religious warfare was cooked up in the British Imperial kitchen.

Today has been the fifth day of rioting, leaving at least 20 Afghans dead across the country, and hundreds wounded, killed by NATO forces defending bases, government buildings, and UN offices against rioters.

Gen. John Allen, head of NATO forces in Afghanistan, pulled all NATO personnel out of Afghan ministries today, after two U.S. military advisors were killed within the Interior Ministry. Two U.S. soldiers were also killed Feb. 23 while trying to suppress a riot in the eastern town of Nangarhar.

Afghan officials told AP that the killer at the Interior Ministry was not Afghani, while NATO said officially that the killer was not western. Obama's ally al-Qaeda has claimed credit. The killer has not been caught.

Rioting has spread to Pakistan, where hundreds of protesters took to the streets on yesterday, burning the U.S. flag in Peshawar, along with hundreds more in Islamabad and Karachi. In the newly liberated and democratic Libya, British graves from Monty's forces in World War II were desecrated as a protest of the Afghan Koran burnings. Demonstrations are also growing in Malaysia and elsewhere, targetting Obama's wars.