WaPo Warns Scotland Moving Towards Independence, Break Up of United Kingdon
February 27, 2012 • 12:07PM

"Edinburgh, Scotland—After centuries of war with England, politicians in this stately city signed away Scotland's sovereignty in the early 1700s for the promise of riches and the glory of empire. Three hundred years later, resurgent nationalists here are plotting a new rebellion to win it back.

"Appealing to the force of tartan pride, the Scottish National Party won surprise control of the regional Parliament last year, which thrust the separatist fantasy ... into the realm of distinct possibility. The British government, boxed into a precarious corner, has opened formal negotiations with the Scots to set a date for an independence referendum."

Thus begins the Anglophile Washington Post's nervous report on the Scots' "plotting" which poses "the greatest threat to the cohesion of the United Kingdom since Ireland achieved independence..."

The paper claims that so far only 30% of Scots favor independence. "But," they report, "what scares unionists most is that the three traditional British parties — Labor, Conservative and the Liberal Democrats, have lost credibility in Scotland in recent years, with no definitive Scottish voice emerging to champion the cause to stay within Britain. That has left [British Prime Minister David] Cameron, largely unpopular with the Scots, to lead the charge."

WaPo cites British worries over the Scottish National Party's pledges, including "expelling the British nuclear fleet from Scottish waters, withdrawing from NATO and unwinding Scottish regiments from Britain's military forces overseas. It would also give politicians in Edinburgh the freedom to vote separately from — and perhaps counter to Britain in world bodies such as the United Nations and the International Monetary Fund." And very worrisome: they could move on Scotland's claim to the North Sea's oil deposits