The Republican Candidates: Committee to Re-Elect Barack Obama?
March 1, 2012 • 12:47PM

Kesha Rogers, Congressional Candidate TX - 22

The seemingly complex events of world geopolitics can be understood simply, if one looks at it from the top down. The British monetary system is hopelessly bankrupt, and the oligarchs of London refuse to cede their power to the growing scientific and industrial progress of Russia and China. Their puppet in the White House, the insane narcissist Barack Obama, is a willing hand grenade for blowing up such “opposition” as soon as the March 4th Russian elections. While extolling “humanitarian” pretenses, Obama is allowing the United States to be dragged into thermonuclear war in Asia: one third of the Senate has given him a green light to bomb Iran; he tells Israel not to inform him before they launch a preemptive strike; he doesn’t defend his own Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who alone is warning against such insanity, from attacks by the GOP presidential candidates, Israeli fanatics, and others; U.S. nuclear submarines, carrying 192 Hiroshimas each, are encircling the entire Asian continent. All thinking patriots know, this intention for nuclear holocaust cannot be stopped as long as Obama remains in office.

Yet every time one of these Republican clowns opens their mouths, Obama gains more votes. Forget “Organizing for America”, the real “Committee to Re-Elect Obama” is run by Romney, Paul, Gingrich, and Santorum. One day, Gingrich calls for a preemptive strike on Iran. The next, Paul says Congress doesn’t have the Constitutional authority to coin money, and regulate the value thereof. Not to be outdone, Romney and Santorum join in denouncing the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey, basically calling his war avoidance an act of treason. All of them say the space program is too expensive, but bailouts aren’t. These are nothing but empty personalities, whoring themselves out for big money to run meaningless campaigns.

The relevant question so posed is not “Which is the lesser evil to vote for,” but rather, “How must I act now, to overturn the chessboard before it’s too late?” The growing national slate of LaRouche candidates is now waging that fight in the streets and institutions, putting forward the only scientific war avoidance policy, to insure the survival and progress of mankind. Impeach Obama now, and all of these clowns on the Republican presidential slate will go tumbling right behind him. This requires the Democratic leadership to have the guts to step in now, and act for the interest of the nation. One powerful option would be for Bill Clinton to stand up, and say clearly why Obama should not be president. This will remoralize not just the Democratic Party, but the entire nation, thus opening the door for a desperately needed, real physical and scientific recovery program with the re-instatement of Glass-Steagall, and the implementation of our credit system. We can then accept Russia’s offer to collaborate in manned space exploration, resource development, nuclear power, and infrastructure, instead of pointlessly annihilating each other.

This is our situation from the top down, and under these conditions, as we head into the March 4th Russian elections, the patriotic efforts of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to defy a failing British empire in the interests of all nations has altered the situation decisively. Therefore, we are putting Americans and the rest of the planet on alert with an international mobilization into the weekend and through the days immediately following the election. The national slate of LaRouche federal candidates endores the call by German Büso Party chairwoman Helga Zepp-LaRouche for an international day of action on March 3, and encourages you to be involved. For more on this mobilization, read Helga’s appeal on the other side of this leaflet, and visit

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