Russian General Cites LaRouche on Russia's Role in Blocking WWIII
March 2, 2012 • 10:26AM

General Vladimir Ovchinsky, formerly head of Interpol's Russian office (1997-1999) and a consultant to the Russian Constitutional Court, was interviewed Feb. 22 in the popular daily Komsomolskaya Pravda under the headline "Will World War III break out in 2012?" The newspaper later reposted the same interview with the headline "Who will launch World War III: America or Israel?", adding a dramatic graphic showing nuclear strikes between Pakistan, India, and China after an Israeli attack on Iran.

Both versions of the interview include Ovchinsky's citation of Lyndon LaRouche on the impulse for nuclear war coming from the global economic crisis, and on the importance of Russia's resistance to the war scenario.

Komsomolskaya Pravda posed the strategic situation as follows: "Half a century ago the world first teetered on the brink of nuclear war. But Khrushchov and Kennedy were able to reach agreement. Things were simpler for them: the planet was divided into two camps, the socialist and the capitalist." Ovchinsky replied, "The world is more complex today, and unpredictable. And many countries have nuclear weapons. Unfortunately, there is a greater basis for a Third World War now, than during the Cuba missiles crisis. In 1962 you had the subjective factor of Soviet missiles in Cuba, right under the nose of the USA. This was in response to the missiles placed in Turkey that could reach Moscow. But 2012, coinciding with the Mayan calendar's promise of the end of the world, really could become the year when a world war begins. And many countries and peoples could disappear, just like the Maya. There is an objective factor, namely that the global economic crisis continues to worsen."

Ovchinsky went on to cite economist Paul Krugman on the need for a World War II-type mobilization to get out of the world economic crisis. "But," he commented, "drawing this analogy would require one little thing: a new world war. The temptation is great! Huge military spending, lots of jobs. And the economy gets out of the crisis. For various reasons the Second World War broke out in Europe. Now the greatest likelihood for the beginning of a world war is in the Middle East. Too many things are tied up in this region.

"In addition to Krugman, the eminent economist Lyndon LaRouche also forecasts a high probability of a Third World War as an attempt to get out of the crisis. Already in the 1970s, he forecast that a global crisis would occur at the turn of the century, resulting from the overbloating of the monetarist system. LaRouche is not a friend of Russia [sic]. He has always been an American patriot. He is the one, by the way, who proposed the Star Wars program to Reagan. But now he believes that only Russia can stop a nuclear war that would be ruinous for mankind."

The interviewer asked, "What is Russia's role, according to LaRouche?"

Ovchinsky: "To conduct a hard-line policy, against regional conflicts. But for this Russia needs powerful armaments. Nobody listens to the weak. And when our liberals question our throwing money away on the military-industrial complex, that is treason! Only a strong army, modernized missile technology, and the powerful nuclear weapons which Russia possesses can save the country and the world."