The Empire's Thermonuclear War Option
March 3, 2012 • 1:55PM

As events play out in Washington, Moscow, Beijing, and London over the next 72 hours, and as our global mobilization against thermonuclear war intensifies, it is more vital than ever that there be a clear understanding of exactly why this planet is on the very brink of potential extinction. The real story has nothing to do with Iran, or nuclear enrichment, or Israel's fear of Iran's growing ballistic missile capabilities. The whole Israel game is a cover story for a far more dangerous British Empire game. Just consider the fact that virtually every sane, patriotic figure in Israel is dead-set against an attack on Iran—including President Shimon Peres. Prime Minister Netanyahu is nothing but a British agent in the Jabotinsky/Parvus mold, and he is just as much a tool of the British Empire, properly understood, as Barack Obama.

The real danger of global thermonuclear war comes from the fact that the present global monetarist system is doomed. The empire is the global monetarist system, and the British Monarchy plays a particular role within that global imperial system. The key question right now is whether that imperial system, represented by institutions like the post-Bretton Woods International Monetary Fund (IMF), can induce Russia and China to submit to imperial control, to the global monetarist system. If Russia and China capitulate to imperial control, then thermonuclear war is not necessary.

The British Empire is not contained within the United Kingdom. It is a true empire, a global system. Continental Western Europe has been destroyed—turned into a stateless state with no sovereignty left. The IMF has more control over continental Europe than anyone in Europe. This was demonstrated clearly in Brussels over the past 72 hours, as 25 European heads of state submitted to a Schachtian nightmare, dictated by the IMF and such agents as the European Central Bank's Mario Draghi.

The imperial system has declared that the era of the nation-state and national sovereignty is over. Tony Blair made the announcement in Chicago in 1999, when he declared, in the midst of the Kosovo war, that we have entered the post-Westphalian world. That post-Westphalian world means no more powerful nation-states, asserting actual sovereignty, can be tolerated anywhere on the planet, particularly in Eurasia. Russia and China are the big targets.

The imperial blackmail game is very simple: Russia and China capitulate, or there will be thermonuclear war. So long as Barack Obama remains in office as President of the United States, the global imperial game is rigged. Remove Obama from office, and the United States can break out of the vise-grip of the British monetarist system, return to a credit system, and once and for all, wipe out the imperial system.

What is going on in Syria right now, is the model for what will be unleashed against Russia and China both. Outside forces provoke violence, and once the violence gets going, the international apparatus is unleashed. London is operating through longstanding Russian assets, such as Berezovsky and Gorbachov. How will they respond to the anticipated first-round victory by Putin on Sunday? What is to be unleashed? Will the Brutish attempt again to give Putin the JFK and de Gaulle treatment by Permindex-type assassination efforts? Will the Brutish Empire decide that now is the moment to unleash general warfare? If that decision is made—and it could be made on Monday morning—war can be launched by surprise, by U.S. and British submarines armed with nuclear warheads. At the first detection of such a launch, both Russia and China will launch heavy bombardments of retaliatory nuclear strikes. There will be no leaks. There will be no early warnings. Just sudden death strikes and counter-strikes without notice.

If you understand history, you understand that there has been a continuity of this monetarist imperial system since before the Roman Empire. You had the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, the Venetian Empire, the Anglo-Dutch imperial system. The British are committed to saving the current monetarist imperial system. They have ruled on the basis of money power for centuries, and now that monetarist system is in jeopardy. Once the monetarist system is gone, and is replaced by a credit system, it will never return again. A sovereign credit system means true sovereignty.

The British assault on the American System of sovereign credit was unleashed with Andrew Jackson's takedown of the Second National Bank. That attack came from the most traitorous British agents in American history—Aaron Burr, the assassin of Alexander Hamilton, his law partner and successor Martin van Buren, their tool Andrew Jackson.

Now the international monetarist system, of which the British Empire and the City of London are the nominal repository, are on the edge of extinction. How they respond to events unfolding in the coming days will be crucial. How will they view the window of time between Putin's election as President of Russia and his inauguration? With the close Putin-Medvedev collaboration, that window of opportunity is limited, but not halted altogether.

It is on the basis of this situation, this set of issues, that the decision will be made: Is thermonuclear war the only option for saving the imperial IMF-centered system? This is the real issue, as opposed to the surface manifestations, why we are at risk of thermonuclear confrontation right now.

That is the message to be delivered this weekend, as we mobilize to prevent the extermination of the human race in a thermonuclear showdown that is all about the survival of mankind or the survival of empire. We have reached the moment where co-existence is no longer an option. Remove Obama from office, on the grounds of his insanity and his crimes, and the empire has run out of options.