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March 19th 2013 • 11:33PM

On March 19th Lyndon LaRouche appeared on the Alex Jones Show. Here is the full 40 minute interview that covers a range of topics from the threat of thermonuclear war and asteroid defense to the complete breakdown taking place in Europe as seen by the recent events in Cyprus.


March 9th 2013 • 4:35PM

Barack Obama's expansion of the Patriot missile batteries into Europe poses a threat to Russia; the policy of the Strategic Defense of the Earth, offered by the Russians, can change this dynamic altogether.

April 9th 2013 • 12:49PM

Trailer for the upcoming LPACTV feature production, The Inchon Landing, set for release. April 11th, 2013.

March 11th 2013 • 12:00PM
Morning Overview: In the Wake of Putin's Election
March 5th 2012 • 2:05AM

Vladimir Putin has become Russia's next President, winning nearly 65% of the vote. This is a historic victory. But, as LaRouche said last night, nothing in the strategic situation has fundamentally changed. With leaders in the USA having failed to remove Obama from office, we are in immediate danger of thermonuclear war now. Click here for LaRouche's statement in full.

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