What Did Netanyahu Say at AIPAC? It Doesn't Matter--What Is the Empire Saying?
March 6, 2012 • 9:10AM

As of 8 PM on Monday, March 5, the Prime Minister of Israel, British puppet Netanyahu had spent 3 hours in undescribed meetings at the White House, and still had not spoken at the AIPAC meeting. He will give some kind of speech tonight. The best way to cover the AIPAC events is to underscore and understand what Lyndon LaRouche said on March 4th, just after Obama spoke to the gathering. LaRouche's comments are now going out as a national leaflet throughout the U.S., which says:

"Everything that Obama said there is a fake and a bunch of double-talk," LaRouche commented. Anyone who believes Obama, is an idiot: There is nothing truthful in what he said.

"We know what the program is," LaRouche said. "The British policy is known, and it is not limited to Iran. The British are the ones defining the so-called 'red line,' not Israel or Obama. They are gunning for global nuclear war. So the President lied outright, when he wasn't otherwise issuing self-contradictory comments. It is his intention to lie, but he can't always get his lies straight. Obama is not the smartest guy around—just the nastiest. So if by chance he says something that isn't a lie, it is not for lack of trying....

"Netanyahu will meet with Obama tomorrow, and will reportedly 'pressure' him to take a hard line on Iran. That is just cover for Obama, so that he can 'appear' to oppose certain things that he can then agree to, 'under pressure.' Basically, Obama doesn't give a damn. He won't risk his own options, by bothering to tell the truth."

Netanyahu met Obama twice on Monday: a brief meeting, a joint press availability and then a long lunch. It was the ninth meeting the two "enemies" have had. (Imagine if they liked each other!) At the joint press conference Obama urged "diplomacy" and boasted that Iran will never have a nuclear weapon, because his policy is not "containment," but "prevention."

At the press conference, despite Obama's claim that Netanyahu would prefer to resolve the Iran issue diplomatically, "Netanyahu made it clear that Israel would move to defend itself if necessary," reported the McClatchy news service.

"That's the very purpose of the Jewish state — to restore to the Jewish people control over our destiny," Netanyahu said. "And that's why my supreme responsibility as prime minister of Israel is to ensure that Israel remains the master of its fate."

Netanyahu never mentioned sanctions nor diplomacy, reported McClatchy. According to CBS News, Netanyahu's has previously laid out the conditions that Israel demands: that Iran "dismantle the underground nuclear facility in Qom, stop enrichment inside Iran, and get all the enriched material out of Iran."

The little fools of the Jewish left in the U.S., such as the Soros-funded "J Street," put out email crap saying, "Thank you Mr. President," for defending Israel and standing up to Netanyahu! On the flip side of the phony Obama-Netanyahu fight, Commentary magazine writer, Omri Ceren says that "abandoning Israel in the aftermath of a preemptive strike on Iran ... [is] just something that the Obama people are signaling they intend to do." Quoting today's briefing by IAEA Director General Amano to the IAEA Board of Governors that Iran has tripled its higher level uranium enrichment, Commentary says, "Tick Tock."