December 22nd 2012 • 3:50AM

The twelfth Friday webcast by Lyndon LaRouche addressed to the American people.

December 22nd 2012 • 3:46AM

Keynote to the twelfth Friday webcasts by Lyndon LaRouche addressed to the American population.

December 4th 2012 • 10:36PM

Congressman Walter Jones (R-NC), perhaps the most serious congressman in the nation about bringing our U.S. troops home from Afghanistan, speaks on our endless war policy and the U.S. financing of the Taliban.

The Edge of Extinction
March 7th 2012 • 12:03AM

The British have two programs: one, to threaten thermonuclear war, the other to actually launch it. This is not some future scenario. We are already, right now, actually, in that phase of threatened war, especially now that the British lost the Russian elections.

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