Russia Will Not Give an Inch
March 7, 2012 • 8:54AM

For psychological warfare reasons, the British have been busily spreading the rumor, floated among others by British Foreign Secretary Hague and State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland, that Russia's defense of Syria's sovereignty was only an electoral ploy for Putin — so that after last Sunday's Russian elections, the Russians would change course and go along with UN resolutions leading towards regime-change in Syria and immeasurable chaos in Southwest Asia generally.

No such thing happened. Instead, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov firmly rebuked such "wishful thinking" Tuesday, saying, "We are deeply convinced that we are right. That is why we call on our partners not to adopt a hard-line stance, but to seek compromise, [and] stimulate negotiations and a political process.

"Russia's stance on the Syrian settlement has never been subject to any short-term considerations and hasn't formed under the influence of electoral cycles, unlike that of some of our Western colleagues."

Voice of Russia reports that Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov will be in Cairo March 10 to discuss the Syrian situation with the Arab League.

From the side of the US Administration of London's puppet Obama, Foreign Policy Magazine's blog, "The Cable," reported Tuesday that the Obama Administration is moving to openly providing direct assistance to the Syrian opposition. While not moving openly to arm the "rebels" itself, the Obama administration has decided not to oppose, either publicly or privately, the arming of the rebels by other countries.