British Prime Minister Cameron in `Blair-like' War Provocation
March 7, 2012 • 8:57AM

Just as, formally, the Iranian proposal to resume nuclear negotiations was accepted Tuesday by the Security Council Permanent 5 plus Germany ("P5+1"), the British imperial hand of war made an abrupt, provocative move, as usual in such circumstances.

Even as British Foreign Minister Hague genially called the negotiations Iran's last chance, Prime Minister Cameron appeared before Commons today in a sharp war provocation that instantly recalled Tony Blair's role in pushing the Iraq War over the threshold.

Seemingly breathless from just having been briefed, with his cabinet, by the imperial national security advisor Sir Kim Darroch "on the imminence of the threat to the UK posed by Iran," Cameron warned Parliament that Iran is seeking to build an "inter-continental nuclear weapon that threatens the West." Blair's 2002 invocation of Iraqi nuclear IRBMs "striking European cities within 45 minutes" echoed through Westminster.

Iran "is a danger more broadly, not least because there are signs that the Iranians want to have some sort of inter-continental missile capability," Cameron blared. "We have to be clear this is a threat potentially much wider than just Israel and the region." Cameron's outburst was reported in the London Guardian and then more generally later in the day.

This British war provocation is directed at both Obama and Russia, because the "European missile shield" Obama is pushing against Putin's Russia is justified as a defense against Iranian "intercontinental nuclear weapons."