LPACTV ON AIR: Weekly Report Retrospective
March 7, 2012 • 9:17AM

The time has come, when the doom of the British Empire, is now inevitable, one way or another. The point is, and you compare this with the Basement Team's work on great kills, the different phases of the great kills: the time has come, case after case, the intensity of warfare under the oligarchical system, has become greater with each round.

And that's the issue before us...What we're going to do [in the Weekly Report], is we're going to show the relationship, between what the Basement Team has been doing, in terms of the great kills and its implications: We're going to show how the same principle, transformed from the beast to man, has a certain corollary. That is not to suggest that mankind should be a beast. But there are certain principles of organization, principles of action. Mainly the lesson is this: As we proceed to go to advances in mankind's capability, as going from primitive sorts of weapons systems, to thermonuclear systems, we keep fighting the old war, the old imperial, oligarchical wars. They keep coming back, but! They come back bigger than ever before!.So, we've reached the point, that the planet can no longer tolerate a general warfare on the planet, because the means of fighting that war are so destructive that the fighting of the war itself will destroy the species that conducts it. In other words, the British may set out, out of their British idiocy, to try another game, of a general war, to destroy those forces on the planet which are opposed to it, or which they wish to be opposed to. But this time, the power, typified by thermonuclear weaponry, and a full panoply of thermonuclear capability, can destroy the human species, by the chain-reaction effects of such a war!.The British are determined to do that, because for them, that's the only hope.-Lyndon LaRouche, March 6, 2012

It is in this existential strategic context, that LPACTV On Air will be running a special Weekly Report Retrospective today, featuring the recent series of presentations given by Mr.LaRouche and the LPAC Basement Team. In addition to the latest Weekly Report, which will be featured on the front page of our site this afternoon, the preceding series of discussion are fundamental to understanding the true nature of the threat facing mankind immediately, as well as the quality of thinking that must be embodied by leading Americans if we are to survive the inevitable extinction of the British Empire.

The retrospective will begin at 9 AM EST on LPACTV On Air, and continue throughout the day. Check the program menu for exact times.