Congratulations President-Elect Putin!
March 7, 2012 • 3:50PM

by Diane Sare

On behalf of the slate of LaRouche Congressional Candidates, I would like to congratulate Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on his recent election victory as the incoming President of Russia. Amidst ominous threats from British Empire-owned news media, he stood his ground, and waged a courageous fight for the good and the future of the Russian people.

Sadly, we have no such qualified candidates for the position of President of the United States. On the Democratic side, we have the carbon copy of Emperor Nero, otherwise known as Barack Obama, and on the Republican side, the candidates are so poor, that every time they speak, they drive people into supporting Obama.

However, we have seen in the last week, that the American people can be mobilized for sanity. Most Americans do not think it is in their interest to be in a military confrontation with Russia or China, let alone a thermo-nuclear war! The vast majority of Americans would be overjoyed to revive our space program in collaboration with China and Russia, as Putin’s victory portends. Most New Yorkers would be thrilled to travel by high speed rail from New York to Paris, via Siberia across a newly built Bering Strait connection. This is what is possible, provided we now do our part, and rise above pathetic party politics to seize the moment before us.

We must mobilize with every ounce of energy (at least half as intensely as the nasty little Queen, who is trying to preserve her evil oligarchical system) to stop our nation from plunging over the abyss into World War Three. Members of the US Military (ret.) made their position clear the day after the Russian elections with a full page ad in the Washington Post. They warned of catastrophic consequences, were Obama to proceed as his puppet masters in London intend, and launch a war with Iran.

American patriots must act to remove Obama from office under Section IV of the 25th Amendment or impeachment, and immediately reinstate FDR’s Glass-Steagall Act, as the first step to restoring a Hamiltonian Credit System in the United States, and thereby allowing us to live lives worthy of our human species. Let us join with the anti-British Empire voters in Russia, to restore our American Republic!

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