Politics as Usual Is Certainly a Policy for Extinction
March 7, 2012 • 3:59PM

by Kesha Rogers

Over the past six months, the LaRouche PAC Basement science team has presented, in a series of video reports, incontrovertible evidence that the natural law guiding the past 500 million years' progress of Earth's biosphere, is a law of continuous anti-entropy, of qualitative improvement. From the first emergence of life on land, to human scientific thought as an interplanetary phenomenon, the geologic record shows that our universe improves itself, and those species which don't improve fast enough make way for those more advanced species who come afterward. Human beings are the first species to ever demonstrate the ability to control their species' advancement, as a matter of free will and scientifically verifiable truth.

Our forefathers created a Constitutional republic, so that this progress would forever rest in the hands of the people; that we could insure no oligarchy could ever assert its own selfish privilege over the immortal advancement of our species.

The only viable intervention today into the atrocious political and economic situation which has now brought civilization to the point of utter dark age conditions, worse than anything ever experienced, is one that will free mankind from the grips of oligarchical rule, and one that will act in the urgent necessity to stop their threat of mass kills to the human species. Today's "politics as usual" is not a means of survival, but one of immediate extinction, and must be eliminated now, or it will eliminate you.

Don't get caught up in the politics of extinction, playing out on the stage of manufactured public opinion. "Taking sides" in all the posturing and propaganda in the attempt to unleash thermonuclear world war is not real leadership. As Lyndon LaRouche pointed out, the murder of Qaddafi was the test case for the process by which the British Empire intends to orchestrate the virtual extinction of civilized humanity, at the hands of its puppet in the White House, Barack Obama. The entire scenario is rigged, and anyone getting caught up in it is thinking like a dinosaur. This is not about Israel vs. Iran, it is not about whether or not Putin's election was honest, and it is certainly not about which presidential candidate could win the Miss America pageant on November 4th. The only way to end "politics as usual" is to accept that none of these Republican clowns are qualified, and immediately remove the insane puppet Obama from the White House now, by impeachment or the 25th Amendment Section 4, before he launches thermonuclear world war. This is the only way to start an honest political discussion about the future of human scientific progress.

The politics of progress starts by realizing the various incarnations of the monetary empire that has ruled over human civilization from ancient Babylon to today's London and Wall Street, is now hopelessly bankrupt. Nobody can save their empire, but reinstating Glass-Steagall and the Federal credit system will save humanity as they go extinct. Yet, these racist and deranged oligarchs are so committed to their power, they would rather blow up the world than allow the emerging scientific and industrial powers of Russia and China to ally with the United States in a trans-Pacific alliance in manned space exploration, fusion power, and resource development. Yet this kind of long-term physical progress is the only way we can solve the global problems of famine, war, illiteracy, and disease, which a mass extinction involves.

What makes the intervention of the LaRouche candidates uniquely different is we are not waiting to see what the future has in store, but we are acting from the standpoint of the future that must be. In other words, we are already acting in the future, to bring that better world into existence with our actions today. This is the science of human progress; this is what qualifies someone to lead.

If we are to overcome the popular opinions driving civilization into oblivion, it could only happen by the nation coming together in an independent forum, unfiltered by the mainstream media, to discuss these ideas and weigh the evidence themselves, against our own national self-conception as a republic. That forum is the first in a series of National Town Hall Meetings organized by the LaRouche PAC and the federal slate of LaRouche candidates. On this Saturday, March 10, 2012 at 4:30 EST, we will be gathering in Houston, San Francisco, Boston, New Jersey, Detroit, and Seattle, with smaller showings across the nation, to bring the people of this republic together in a way that nobody else can do: to witness the emergence of a true renaissance in human culture, out of the ashes of a bankrupt oligarchical empire.

Seeing in your mind's eye the geologic context of the universal progress of mankind, do you recognize this is your role as a United States citizen? Then you understand this is why it is mandatory that you be at this meeting. Your participation in this unique assembly of real Americans, asserting their voice as a republic of, by, and for the people, is required to turn the tide of history at this critical moment.

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