September 24th 2013 • 1:33PM

We present here an interview conducted in 1992, between EIR's Jeff Steinberg, and Col. Fletcher Prouty (Ret.), covering a wide area of Col. Prouty's expertise, from covert CIA operations around the globe, and the coverup of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.


September 9th 2013 • 9:32PM

LaRouchePAC's Anastasia Mares intervenes at Rep. Jim McDermott's town hall meeting on Syria, in Seattle, WA. Watch a crowd who largely voted for Obama, respond to Anastasia demand that he must be impeached.

August 30th 2013 • 8:00PM

The first question from the August 30th webcast, paraphrased, was:

An Obama action without approval would represent an impeachable crime. The British parliament does not support military action in Syria, the evidence presented for the alleged use of chemical weapons has not been confirmed, the intended Obama military action without Congressional authorization is an impeachable crime.

September 17th 2013 • 10:20AM

Neil Gallagher is the only man alive who not only was a close personal friend of John F. Kennedy, but fought the apparatus associated with the assassinations of JFK, RFK, and MLK, as a member of Congress. Miraculously, he was able to continue fighting, unlike others who joined him in the struggle. Even more miraculous, he is still alive today to tell of it.

September 6th 2013 • 8:00PM

The first question from the September 6th webcast, could you give us input on how a Geneva 2-type of conference can be convened to reach a peace agreement on the conflict in Syria?

August 30th 2013 • 8:00PM

The third question from the August 30th webcast:

Prime Time Report • The Week of War Avoidance
March 9th 2012 • 11:22AM

Think back over the week, from the Russian elections on Sunday, the various interventions by American patriots in this crucial period for our nation, and the fight that we are waging from the LaRouche Political Action Committee. We are on an all out mobilization, to force through House Concurrent resolution 107, leading into the Simulcast, tomorrow, with the LaRouchePAC endorsed congressional candidates.

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