Global warmists under increasing attack, in Germany
March 11, 2012 • 8:38AM

Fritz Vahrenholt, a prominent German Social Democrat who is at odds with his own party's radical views on climate affairs, has lashed out once again, in an interview with Phoenix TV: the premature fixation on the IPCC's theories on the climate, along with the institutional embargo against any dissenting views have, Vahrenholt said, created an "anti-science environment." Dissenting scientists have no chance getting employed at a university in Germany, nor getting their research funded by any official agency.

The IPCC is wrong, Vahrenholt said, because it simply discarded the fact that "also in the past 30 years, 50 percent of global warming can been traced back to natural causes," and "present knowledge about solar cycles provides enough evidence for a decreasing trend of solar activity," which Vahrenholt added does explain why average global temperatures have been stagnant during the past 14 years, "comparable to the situation around the year 1,000." The maximal increase of global warming will be 1 percent, instead of the 4 or even more percent predicted by the IPCC.

Vahrenholt's opposition to the IPCC ideology is the more interesting, as he has a past as a leading environmentalist politician in German politics, has written a number of books and articles against the industry, and is CEO of RWE Innogy, the German RWE energy-producer's daughter for innovative and alternative energies.