Russians Say UN Commission Inquiry on Libya is 'Inadequate', Demand Serious Investigation Into NATO-allied Forces' Crimes
March 12, 2012 • 8:39AM

Russian Foreign Ministry ombudsman for human rights, Konstantin Dolgov, said on Sunday that the report of the UN Commission of Inquiry on Libya, released Friday, was "inadequate," and insisted that the UN and NATO support a Russian effort to investigate the crimes of the NATO-allied forces.

"We consider the assessments included in the commission's report regarding Gaddafi's death and especially civilian causalties as a result of the NATO military campaign in Libya inadequate," Dolgov told RIA Novosti. The commission incredibly said in its report that NATO conducted a highly precise campaign with a demonstrable determination to avoid civilian casualties, admitting to only 60 civilian deaths due to NATO bombing!

"The commission should have displayed more perseverance to get relevant and comprehensive information from both NATO and the new Libyan authorities regarding the deaths of civilians as a result of actions by opposition military units and the alliance's military campaign," Dolgov said. "Unfortunately, many of those crimes, if not the majority, have not been investigated and those guilty have not been punished," he said, adding that Gaddafi's controversial death following his capture by opposition fighters in October last year was among the cases that have to be carefully examined.

"We confirm the Russian initiative to conduct such an investigation in cooperation with NATO and the United Nations," he said