British Converge on Washington and New York for War
March 13, 2012 • 7:42AM

On the eve of British Prime Minister Cameron's arrival today for conferences and a state dinner with an insane President Obama, British Foreign Secretary Hague designed and led a pointless propaganda exercise at the United Nations in New York yesterday: an hours-long Security Council debate on yet another London-Obama resolution against Syria, which Russia and China had already promised to veto last week.

Hague's agenda allowed perfervid London allies like French Foreign Minister Juppé to hyperventilate against blood and atrocities, and against Russia and China for supposedly defending them. Both Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and China's Permanent Representative to the UN made short, precise and firm statements calling for cessation of violence on all sides, and opposing any foreign interference, including what the Chinese representative called intervention for "so-called humanitarian" reasons.

A "confused" U.S. Secretary of State Clinton, as Lyndon LaRouche described her, tried to justify Obama's Libya war and demand foreign interference against the Syrian government. She even called for support for the IMF's program for Egypt. LaRouche described her as terrified of what her employer will do to her. When Obama originally offered her the Secretary of State position, she was mistaken in her rejection of LaRouche's advice in favor of her illusion that she would be able to "fight from within."