Yet Another Call for US-UK War Against Syria
March 15, 2012 • 9:08AM

London's Henry Jackson Society and their Washington, D.C.-based neoconservative buddies of the Foreign Policy Initiative, welcomed the Obama-Cameron summit as the opportunity for war to be launched on Syria, in the name of the "remarkable partnership" they claim exists between the UK and US.

This crew has repeatedly pressed for immediate war against Syria for months, the Henry Jackson Society issuing back in December a blueprint for how that war should be carried out, and Robert Kagan's Foreign Policy Initiative playing a leading role in organizing an open letter to the same effect in mid-February, signed by such known entities as Liz Cheney, Michael Ledeen, Bill Kristol, et al.

Their March 14 statement, "U.S. and U.K. Leadership Needed on Syria," toots the same horn: the US and UK must put together an international coalition to arm the Syrian opposition; "establish and defend safe zones within Syria;" and "launch targetted air strikes against elements of the Syrian military that threaten Syrian cities." In short, all-out war, Libyan-style, against Syria.