Danger of Foreign-Fomented War Moving from Syria into Lebanon, Warns Lebanese Leader Michel Aoun
March 15, 2012 • 11:13PM

The leader of the Free Patiotic Movement in Lebanon, Michel Aoun, Member of Parliament, issued a strong warning yesterday that the violence in Syria could come into Lebanon, unless international forces stop fanning the flames. Aoun summed up his warning, "What's happening in Syria is an international aggression rather than a domestic revolution."

Aoun spoke on the 23rd anniversary of the 1989, so-called Liberation War, which he led against Syrian forces stationed in Lebanon. His remarks were quoted in Naharnet.com yesterday.

Aoun warned of fundamentalists on Lebanon's border, if the Syrian government is brought down, speaking of "Takfiris on our border." (Takfiris are hardliners who declare takfir — apostasy, or being an infidel — against those who disagree and refuse to conform.)

He said, "Those who backed Israel's war on Lebanon in 2006 are the same ones who are backing the inner war against Syria, that's why we should think of good neighborliness and the neighborhood's security, as we cannot live with Takfiri groups on our border that are interacting with the Lebanese domestic scene... When we first talked about Syria, we said that we support reform and that we do not want the presence of extremism on our border, as we cannot accept the rise to power of certain people under the slogans of democracy and human rights, while in the end there will be neither democracy nor human rights, ("nor human beings," Lyndon LaRouche added, as there is no democracy in their sharia [Islamic law]...

"Let us suppose that the Syrian regime was ousted, what is the alternative in that case? Our safety is at stake and war will reach us. We do not want to close our eyes and say, 'let the (Muslim) Brotherhood rule.' Where [will they rule]? In Keserwan [the mostly Christian Lebanese district]?"