October 1st 2011 • 3:55PM

NAWAPA coheres with the initiatives coming our of Russia, but also represents the colonization of the arctic, as well as our interaction with cosmic radiation and the prospect of man in the galaxy.

October 1st 2011 • 3:55PM

The counterpoint between the prospects for mankind in the galaxy under a trans-Pacific orientation, and what we have here in the United States with Obama still in office.

June 25th 2011 • 4:48PM

Will we allow Obama and his backers conduct a Hitler-like coup in our United States?

Lyndon H. LaRouche gives an Address to the Nation.

October 1st 2011 • 3:55PM

An elaboration on the question of energy-flux-density and economy, from the standpoint of the evolution of species. How human beings can follow the example of creative evolution by the biosphere, willfully.

September 27th 2011 • 7:14PM

At a Sept 24, 2011 LPAC meeting in Philadelphia, Jason Ross presented the key concept of economics: measuring value as qualitative changes in power, rather than money. Using concepts from Bernhard Riemann's work, the continuity lying behind the series of evolutionary advancements in man's economic power, is sketched out using Riemann's work on Abelian functions.

May 30th 2011 • 1:59PM

Was the March 11 Japan quake forecastable? A team of scientists involved in research on earthquake precursors has released a pre-publication copy of a paper analyzing distinct precursor signals in the atmosphere and ionosphere in the days preceding the disaster.

Prime Time Report • Forecasting vs. Prediction
March 16th 2012 • 10:41AM

We have a Nero in the White House, who will do exactly as LaRouche had forecast, back in April of 2009. Even if you can stop the current Syria and Iran crisis leading into a war with Russia and China, a Nero figure, as forecast by LaRouche, will not stop

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