Zepp-LaRouche: Defeat the Threat of War with "The Common Aims of Mankind"
March 18, 2012 • 9:24AM

A Berlin webcast by the Civil Rights Movement Solidarity Party (BueSo) Saturday, March 17, under the theme "Halt the Acute War Danger! A Referendum on the ESM Treaty Now!", heard BueSo Party chairwoman Helga Zepp-LaRouche give an extensive briefing on the war danger and the destruction of human civilization under globalization, counterposed to the "common aims of mankind" which must immediately be taken up to ensure mankind's survival.

After a brief introduction by Stefan Tolksdorf, Zepp-LaRouche declared that she intended to shock her audience with reality, the reality of the threat of a global nuclear war, and what it would actually do to human civilization. She reviewed in some detail the current danger, as laid out in the March 15 Ha'aretz article by Aluf Benn, and buttressed by U.S. war preparations. She also noted various Russian statements making it very clear that they are aware of the threat to them, behind the attacks on Syria and Iran, and are preparing.

Zepp-LaRouche then provided a detailed picture, taken from a scientific study made in 2008 by a Rutgers professor, about what the consequences for life on earth would be, should as few as 1-2% of the current nuclear weapons arsenal, or a mere 50 warheads, be launched. Using graphics, she made it clear that the "environmental" effects, especially the blocking of the sun's rays and pulverizing of the ozone layer, would lead to a "nuclear winter" that would lead to mass starvation in the cold and dark.

She then shifted to the strategic-economic front, discussing the failure of the West to take the opportunity of the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the takeover of the Anglo-American "New American Century" policy in the West. Thus, a dying financial empire used globalization to take over and destroy the world. Her key examples were the devastation of Afghanistan, and the Euro policy of genocide (as in Greece) and dictatorship.

This is why we demand a referendum on the European Stability Mechanism, she said at the conclusion of this section. Indeed, that call was included on the podium at which she spoke.

Zepp-LaRouche then shifted to the solutions, citing a global Glass-Steagall, a credit system which would fund projects with ever-higher energy flux densities, and international agreements for cooperation around the common aims of mankind.

She outlined 5 "common aims of mankind."

1) Overcoming famine

2) assuring long-term security for raw materials and energy

3) development of the Arctic, including as a launchpad for space exploration

4) the world land-bridge, and

5) the development of the science, which her husband Lyndon LaRouche as working on with the Basement team, which can protect man from the galactic dangers which he now faces—and without which, mankind faces the fate of the dinosaurs.

In a final short segment, Zepp-LaRouche addressed the issue of the need for mankind to take the "next evolutionary step" through making breakthroughs on the order of those taken by Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa in the 15th century. This step is not just in the realm of science, but also in aesthetical education—the creation of beautiful souls.

The presentation, lasting a little over an hour, was followed by a period of dialogue, can be found here.