The World that Awaits Obama’s Removal
March 19, 2012 • 1:10PM

by Dave Christie

On the eve of a global thermonuclear holocaust, possibly set to break out in the next 48 hours, let us remind ourselves of the global renaissance that awaits, were we to simply throw the pathetic and insane Barack Obama out of the White House. The British Empire is pushing this war out of desperation, as its transatlantic financial system disintegrates; attempting to force Russia and China into submission to its “governance” policy, and to back down from their policy of economic development. Meanwhile, there is another vision of the future to replace this dead rotten system known as globalization. This is the vision shared by Lyndon LaRouche and a group of patriots in this nation, and other nations; a vision of strategic partnership among nations based on the universal principle of progress.

Revisit October of last year. After the brutal and illegal murder of Muammar Gaddafi ordered by Obama, the British demanded him to rush into war against Syria and Iran. Those wars would simply set the stage for the ability to threaten Russia and China with thermonuclear annihilation, if they refused to halt their advancing economies. The British demanded, “Bail out the Euro, and submit to the environmentalist policy of zero-growth!” However, Russia and China knew that that too was death, just perhaps a little slower.

So instead, the Russians flanked Obama and the British by putting LaRouche’s Strategic Defense Initiative on the table after Obama refused to give assurances that the US missile defense systems in Eastern Europe were not aimed at Russia. Then they made other overtures for peace by committing to build a rail line to the Bering Straits, inviting us to join them on the other side in Alaska. This would be the beginning of what LaRouche has called the TransPacific Alliance, starting with Russia, China and the United States, with many other nations following soon thereafter. This is the future to replace the dying British Imperial system called globalization. This is the future that begins once Obama is removed.

But because he has not been removed, we are still on the eve of a thermonuclear holocaust. Yet again, patriots within Russia have offered the olive branch of development. The CEO of the Russian Railways, Vladimir Yakunin, has just proposed again the rail link through the Bering Straits at a recent conference in London last week.

“I am certain that the prospects for extending our railways to Kamchatka and beyond, to connect with North American railways through a tunnel, are a project that can be realized in the not very remote future.”

This project, along with other projects concerning Arctic development such as NAWAPA, could all be financed once we return to Glass-Steagall and Hamilton’s design for national banking. But again, without the removal of Obama, there will be no Glass-Steagall, as the White House has now officially declared their obedience to the London based financial oligarchy.

“Simply going back to Glass-Steagall would not have solved the failures of our modern financial system or prevented the financial crisis that led to the worst financial crisis in our lifetimes: It is important to remember that Glass-Steagall would not have prevented the most dramatic failures in 2008. Glass-Steagall would not have avoided the problematic activities of the institutions that defined this financial crisis — Fannie and Freddie, Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, AIG, and Countrywide."

This official denunciation of Glass-Steagall came after 23,000 Americans signed a petition on White House website calling for the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall. After this denunication of Glass-Steagall, they removed the petition completely to drive the point home: No Glass-Steagall as long as Obama is around.

This comes as no surprise though, since this is an election year. Obama is seeking to expand his reelection war chest to a billion dollars. There have been allegations that Obama’s 2008 election campaign was funded by drug money. The integral relationship of drug money and speculative financial activity is no secret, as LaRouche’s bombshell expose, Dope INC, exposed this relationship very clearly. Victor Ivanov, head of Russia’s Federal Narcotics Control Service, pointed this relationship out, and then called for the “logic of Glass-Steagall” to deal with the crisis of the international drug trade, where over one million people have now died in the last decade from Afghan heroin. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why Obama is so against Glass-Steagall; without the drug money, where would he get his billion dollar war chest?

Let’s throw him out now. LaRouche has the only presidential policy: Glass-Stegall and Hamiltonian National Banking to create the future of NAWAPA, Arctic Development and space exploration. We have patriots ready to move with us in other nations, but we must move more patriots here, now.

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