Lavrov Warns Against Attack on Iran
March 21, 2012 • 7:26AM

The Journal of Turkish Weekly on March 20 published a warning by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov against a military strike against Iran. "We believe it would be a great mistake and hope this will never happen," Lavrov stressed in an interview with Afghanistan's TOLO channel, according to The Voice of Russia. He said the consequences of a strike would be catastrophic.

The article reports that the Russian Foreign Minister also called on the international community to take into account the lack of evidence of Iran's military nuclear program. "An IAEA expert commission equipped with special detectors are monitoring all Iranian nuclear facilities producing nuclear fuel or enriching uranium for humanitarian purposes, such as medical use, for example the Tehran Research Reactor. The IAEA has concluded Iran's program is non-military," he added. However, Lavrov underscored that some IAEA concerns are still to be addressed by the Iranians to prove that their nuclear program serves genuinely peaceful purposes."