Russians Curse at the British-Obama Drive for World War III
March 22, 2012 • 4:05PM

"US top secret AMD info 'crapping useless' for Russia," is the headline on an article in Russia Today, which reports on the Russian government's response to the data provided to them by the State Department's Ellen Tauscher, during a March 13 visit to Moscow. The article notes that sources close to the discussions described the data "in profane terms. The meaning of the phrase (not suitable for print) could be rendered as 'useless and irrelevant.'"

Voice of Russia reports that Moscow was "disappointed and indignant at the move that actually dashes hopes for a mutually acceptable solution," and says that the Russian government "is planning to launch an information campaign to raise awareness of the danger of the European missile defense system."

There are also on-the-record responses from top government officials. Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov said that they would be responding publicly to the charade: "Never before has the ministry discussed an issue of security in such an open way. We want to report our assessments of the influence the AMD systems will have on global and regional security." And Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov underscored that China had plenty to worry about as well: "The European segment of the global anti-missile system is not the only one. There is also the Asian segment... and which cannot be ignored by military planners. China may have even more serious questions over this segment."