British War Crowd Express Miff at UNSC Syria Statement Against Violence
March 23, 2012 • 7:47AM

Within 24 hours of the passage of the UN Security Council presidential statement on ending violence in Syria, passed March 21, expressions of miff came forth from the go-to-war-now crowd. "UN Syria Statement 'Will Give Assad regime More Time to Kill,'" was the headline today in The Telegraph of London. The article quoted various factions of the anti- government operations based in London, raving against the UN statement. For example, Samir Nashar, of the Syrian National Council, said, "Such statements, issued amid continued killings, offer the regime the opportunity to push ahead with its repression in order to crush the revolt by the Syrian people."

In contrast, others expressed moderation. UN Sec. Gen. Ban Ki-Moon said that "nobody is discussing military operations," in his remarks to reporters at a conference in Malaysia yesterday. The Syrian SANA news agency covered the new UN statement by noting that it made no threats to the Syrian government.