Extinction or Survival? · The Past and Future of LaRouche's SDI
March 24, 2012 • 8:02AM

It was late summer 1977, when a crazed President Carter, under the control of Zbigniew Brzezinski, threatened to detonate a World War III confrontation against the Soviet Union, that Lyndon LaRouche developed the conception of the Strategic Defense Initiative, a policy for Mutually Assured Survival through the application of new physical principles which would serve, simultaneously, as a driver for immediate war avoidance, and a new scientific-industrial revolution toward addressing the common aims of mankind.

As LaRouche expressed it in his latest strategic paper, "Our World's Fast-Waning Options," "unless you understand that single fact, stretched from late Summer 1977, to the present days, you do not understand the trajectory of the military or related history of the world over an interval since the beginning of those intervals of time, the history which currently threatens you, still today, with a repose in Hell, unless you intervene to deserve better, in an appropriately timely manner now."

Indeed, the intention with which LaRouche acted over that entire period, still holds the key to defeating the British imperial enemy which killed the SDI then, and is determined to exterminate the vast majority of the human race today — lest they lose their position as ruler of the universe.

One critical problem we face, LaRouche stressed again last night, is that even our best allies in fighting against the British-Obama drive toward thermonuclear war, especially the military, do not understand the nature of the enemy. We are dealing with a species so devoted to preserving the oligarchical principle, that they are willing to die rather than cede control — while bringing the rest of us down with them. They expressed that intent in killing the SDI, and rammed their policy through with even a large portion of the American population, as today, which accommodated to their policy.

Ironically, some leading Russians who were manipulated by the British in the 1970s and '80s have learned their lesson — as we see in the SDE proposal, and the Russian Defense Minister's March 22 invocation of weaponry based on "new physical principles" such as "directed-energy weapons," "wave-energy weapons," and the like. But to accomplish this aim, the British oligarchy, and their leading Obama puppet, must be destroyed.

Rule No. One: there can be no business as usual.

Despite the determination of the U.S. military to prevent a war, we still stand on the brink. The real danger point we can anticipate would come at the point after the Israelis had launched a strike against Iran. How will British puppet Obama respond? The only guarantee that he won't detonate general war, is to remove him from office — because general war in the current period, even more intensely than in 1977, inexorably leads to the ultimate extinction, thermonuclear war that wipes out the bulk of the human race.

What is required is a new conception of statecraft, one in which mankind governs his behavior by new rules which proceed from a conception of man as a thinking being, expressing in a willful manner the creativity of the universe and its Creator. In addressing this question last night, LaRouche emphasized that such a conception will still be based on nation states, but those states must come to new global agreements based on multigenerational projects (like NAWAPA). The dominant feature of such projects will be not only their role in upgrading the level of energy-flux-density and man's power in the universe, but the fact that it will take 20-40 years, or more, for them to be realized.

It is only such a policy which will allow mankind to actually survive all the threats of extinction — from the threat of thermonuclear war, to that of a physical-economic New Dark Age, and the perils of galactic change. Under such a policy, nation states can define new protocols for collaboration, and converge around the common aims of mankind.