Obama's Hitler Health Bill Goes on Trial: The Real Issue Behind the Mustache
March 26, 2012 • 8:07AM

In a climate of much partisan ballyhoo, Obama's Hitler Health bill, Obamacare, will be the subject of a projected three-day hearing before the U.S. Supreme Court starting March 26. In light of conflicting Circuit Court rulings, the constitutionality of the individual mandate, and the requirement for the states to provide expanded Medicaid coverage will be argued before the court by those parties, including states, which challenged them.

The challenge to the IPAB aspect of the law is still working its way through the courts in Arizona, and is not before the Court.

At this point, the Nazi core of Obama's signature law is not scheduled to be debated before the Court.

On this occasion, thinking citizens, however, will focus their attention on the crucial substantive issue raised by LaRouche and LPAC in the spring of 2009, when Obama first raised his policy: that Obamacare proceeds from the very same premises as Hitler's 1939 order that established the T4 program, on the basis that it is too expensive to provide medical care for "lives not worthy to be lived." It was that recognition that led LaRouchePAC to "put the mustache" on Obama—a mustache that he has richly earned over and over again by his Hitler-like policies in waging war and establishing dictatorial powers, ever since.

The definitive analysis of the Obama health law was published in LPAC's mass pamphlet, "Act Now to Stop Obama's Nazi Health Plan!," and two EIR articles: "Nazi Precedent for Obama Health Plan: It's Now Time to Insist 'Never Again!' " (EIR #20, May 22, 2009), and "Hitler's T4 Program Revived in Obama's Health Care 'Reform' ", (EIR #22, June 5, 2009).