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December 17th 2012 • 11:24PM

Lyndon LaRouche opens this week's national policy committee discussion with an opening policy statement of his soon-to-be-released report.

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December 3rd 2012 • 8:42PM

This week's LaRouche Policy Committee discusses the soon to be released report, "How Andrew Jackson Destroyed the United States" by Michael Kirsch.

November 26th 2012 • 8:06PM

Why are Russia and China being encircled and threatened with a new, thermonuclear, world war? Why is Africa subjugated, and other parts of the world run by drug cartels?

December 11th 2012 • 3:45AM

Why are local leaders willing to sell off their neighbors? Why are national leaders willing to sell of their constituents?
Like the leaders of the British imperial system willing to risk thermonuclear warfare, they are controlled by fear.

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November 30th 2012 • 1:11PM

A keynote address by Helga Zepp-LaRouche, Chairwoman of the Schiller Institute, for the Schiller Institute European Conference, November 24-25th, titled "A New Paradigm for the Survival of Civilization."

November 26th 2012 • 12:51PM

An interview with Daniel Grasenack-Tente on the just-concluded Schiller Institute Conference titled "A New Paradigm for the Survival of Civilization" held in Flörsheim, Germany. You can find a keynote address to the conference by Schiller Institute chairwoman, Helga Zepp LaRouche, here.

Interview: Congressional Candidate Dave Christie
March 27th 2012 • 7:00AM

We had the chance to sit down with congressional candidate Dave Christie after this week's taping of the candidates discussion with Lyndon LaRouche. Stay tuned for the candidates discussion today at 4 pm.

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