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August 19th 2012 • 8:44AM

NASA’s landing of Curiosity on Mars, has vindicated those throughout history who have demonstrated that mankind’s most powerful weapon is discovering the scientific basis for peace and for the common aims of mankind. The Curiosity perspective allows us to look down at Earth, to better identify the challenges we face from within the solar system.

August 7th 2012 • 9:30PM

With the August 6th landing of NASA's Curiosity Rover on the surface of Mars, history has been made. Democratic Congressional Candidate Kesha Rogers (D-TX) elaborates the underlying significance of this great and profound feat.

July 29th 2012 • 4:41PM

As we head into the second week of LPAC's national mobilization for the immediate and urgent implementation of Lyndon LaRouche's three-tiered policy to save the nation, we review the first week's activities, and urge Congress this week, to rise up to the duty and responsibility represented by their oath of office and stay in session until this urgent task is completed.

August 11th 2012 • 1:00AM

Today we discuss the Mars Science Laboratory's first week on Mars. Since it hasn't done much but land yet, we investigate a possible early history of Gale Crater, and what we hope Curiosity finds out!

August 4th 2012 • 11:54PM

LaRouchePAC representatives speak directly with officials on the ground dealing with the Oklahoma fires. Lyndon LaRouche states this is an issue for Congress to take up during the month of August.

July 26th 2012 • 4:12PM

Candidate Dave Christie (WA-9) released this statement in the midst of the nationwide mobilization for the immediate implementation of LaRouche's three-tiered solution of Glass-Steagall, National Banking and NAWAPA XXI.

Interview: Congressional Candidate Dave Christie
March 27th 2012 • 7:00AM

We had the chance to sit down with congressional candidate Dave Christie after this week's taping of the candidates discussion with Lyndon LaRouche. Stay tuned for the candidates discussion today at 4 pm.

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