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July 21st 2012 • 1:00AM

Today, another lesson on the global warming scare. We look at Greenland's Petermann Glacier, the American Drought, the reconstruction of our planet's temperature record, the galaxy, the Sun and its solar flare of the past week. Don't panic. Read Shaviv & Veizer's paper.

July 19th 2012 • 11:20PM

The evidence is now piling up that the global financial system as we’ve known it has been the main source of the planet’s drug money laundering, has financed a global terrorist network, and has ripped off of whole nations upwards of hundreds of billions of dollars.

July 18th 2012 • 8:35PM

The billions of dollars that the drug trade injects into the bankrupt financial system through money laundering has been used to recapitalize the financial sector. In light of the revelations about HSBC, the LIBOR scandal, and the potential for the reintroduction of Glass-Steagall, there is now an opportunity to do away with the entirety of the deadly drug trade.

July 20th 2012 • 10:03PM

A wave of terror arose in three different parts of the globe in the last 72 hours, an operation that could lead to a global thermonuclear showdown. The context is the faction fight that has erupted in the U.K. where leading individuals have decided to end the present system in favor of Glass Steagall.

July 19th 2012 • 3:53AM

Today's report focuses on Timothy Geithner's role in Barack Obama's political downfall.

July 18th 2012 • 1:57AM

The Libor rate fixing scandal, and the recent revelation that HSBC the biggest drug money laundering bank accounts for 60% of drugs coming into America are definitive indictments of the London-based financial system we must shut down with Glass-Steagall

Interview: Congressional Candidate Dave Christie
March 27th 2012 • 7:00AM

We had the chance to sit down with congressional candidate Dave Christie after this week's taping of the candidates discussion with Lyndon LaRouche. Stay tuned for the candidates discussion today at 4 pm.

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