Democratic Party Brawl Over Diane Sare Spills into Jersey Press
March 27, 2012 • 7:57AM

LaRouche Slate candidate Diane Sare's presentation at the Sussex County Democratic Party Committee meeting March 22, the video of which can be found here, caught the attention of the New Jersey Herald, the daily newspaper of Sussex County. The paper published an article on March 25 which will grab the attention of any of its thinking readers, portraying Sare as someone who is campaigning for Obama's impeachment, who is also famous for confronting Christie, and sure is for restoring FDR's Glass Steagall Act.

The issue of the article was obstensibly the objections from some Democrats to the fact that Sare was allowed to speak. Adam Gussen, the Deputy Mayor of Teaneck who is one of her opponents in the Democratic primary for NJ's 5th Congressional district, told the Herald that Sare should be silenced: "I find the LaRouche platforms and their candidates to be offensive and destructive.... This is noise that should be filtered out."

Sussex County Democratic Chair Michael Busche and the Executive Director of the county Democrats, Ed Selby, however, defended Sare's right to speak, "Anybody who professed to be a candidate was entitled to speak," Busche insisted. Selby, too, agreed that "people have a right to speak," although being sure to be heard saying "we don't endorse anything she said."

Gussen's call to silence Sare already backfired against him amongst some in the local Democratic Party base. Democratic activist Adam Lambert posted an angry response to Gussen's threat on a Democratic Party blog,, dedicated to mobilizing to defeat the 5th District's Republican Congressman Scott Garrett. Citing Patrick Henry and the First Amendment of the United States Constitution as basic guiding values of this country, Lambert blasted Gussen's apparent belief that "'free speech' should be based on an artificial and undefined 'filter'."

"Now, Sare's views aren't all that popular with the Democratic establishment, and they may not be all that popular in general —she is calling for the impeachment of Obama but also is looking to restore the Glass-Steagall Act, which has a lot of merit. But I don't want to discuss her candidacy here, since I don't know enough about it. I want to discuss the defense of free but objectionable (I'll give it the benefit of the doubt as objectionable for now, regardless of whether it actually is) speech by the Democratic Party —especially those who are running for Federal office...."

"Now, I'm not sure where there is a way to find out exactly where the tipping point is for reasonable filtering of free speech. For example, let's say that Sare is calling for impeachment of Obama, and cites his signing of NDAA, which allowed for the indefinite detainment of US citizens on American soil without trial. Did Gussen think it was o.k. to call for Bush's impeachment for that very same thing, but it isn't ok if it is Obama? What is so destructive and offensive that it can trump the suppression of First Amendment rights —especially by a Congressional Candidate? Now, this isn't to say that I am supporting [Gussen's contenders] Jason Castle or Diane Sare. But it does set off an alarm that a DEMOCRATIC Congressional Candidate supports the suppression of free speech based on arbitrary adjectives such as destructive or offensive. Perhaps it is the mere calling for suppression of free speech that is destructive and offensive," Lambert concludes.

New Jersey Herald: Sare, Glass-Steagall, Impeachment

Meanwhile, what Sare and the LaRouche campaigns are fighting for is now breaking out into the local press. The New Jersey Herald informed its readers of this much:

"Sare, a LaRouche Democrat from Bogota, supports the impeachment of President Barack Obama but is also critical of Republicans using imagery and rhetoric decidedly outside the mainstream," reporter Rob Jennings wrote.

"Last June, Sare and several supporters were removed from Gov. Chris Christie's town hall meeting in Fair Lawn after singing about being sent to the Auschwitz concentration camp. The song lyrics included, 'Obama and Christie, they're both insane,' and concluded with a push for restoring the 1933 Glass-Steagall Act, according to a video on the LaRouche PAC website.

"Her campaign flier, copies of which were available at Thursday's meeting, depicts Obama with a Hitler-style mustache....

"Sare is running on a slate backed by frequent president candidate Lyndon LaRouche. In her speech Thursday, she reiterated her criticisms of Obama and called for the restoration of the national bank, among other issues....

"While Sare, on her website, denounces Obama as 'a puppet of the bankrupt financial system' and urges his removal from office, she also says that former President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney should have been impeached as well.

"Her ouster from the Christie town hall drew much attention last year, but an earlier visit went better. At Christie's January 2011 town hall in Paramus, Sare was called on by the governor and she questioned him about restoring the Glass-Steagall Act, which created a barrier between commercial and investment banking.

"Her extended exchange with Christie, which lasted for more than three minutes and was caught on video, drew laughter from the audience —and an amused response from Christie— after she compared him to Obama. Sare also ventured into a local issue, telling Christie that she disagreed with his decision to cancel the Hudson River rail tunnel project.

"Christie shot back, 'Where you getting the money?' to which she brought up Glass-Steagall.

"Sare, in an interview before her speech on Thursday, said, 'My concern is not to be warm and cuddly and polite, but to tell the truth'...."