Kesha Rogers: The Real Issue in this Election
March 27, 2012 • 8:15AM

The real issue in this election is not the schoolyard drama of Kesha Rogers vs. the Democratic Party, in their defense of a self-described "loyal servant" to the British Queen Elizabeth II, President Barack Obama. When Obama toasts the queen, he is raising a glass to the wife of a former Nazi Party member, the Prince Philip whose stated intentions today are to reduce the world’s population by several billion people, in the name of “environmentalism”.

Thus, what makes KP George an improbable candidate, is not that he comes from a village in India that doesn't have running water. After all, thousands of hectares of West Texas farmland don't have running water either, because the Democratic Party has abandoned the tradition of biospheric engineering, typified by the North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA) of President John Kennedy, for the same environmentalism and dirty money propping up Obama. KP George is unqualified, because his campaign strategy is to defend Obama, rather than to fight against him for the JFK and FDR tradition, as I do.

The national slate of LaRouche Democrats is not six individuals, running six separate campaigns, in six far flung regions of the country. Each of us are working in concert to build upon the foundation laid by such great patriots as Washington, Hamilton, Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Kennedy, to restore a great mission to the American people. By returning the nation to their outlook, every day teaching the population about Glass-Steagall and NAWAPA, we are shaping the long term future progress of this great country, restoring a sense of mission and meaning to the lives of people for generations to come.

That victory for your grand children’s grandchildren starts by dumping the five clowns running for President, starting with Obama. The Democrats and Republicans shouldn’t run clowns, when there are serious candidates working to solve this economic collapse. Glass-Steagall (H.R. 1489) must be reinstated, ending all bailouts of worthless Wall Street and European speculators. The Federal Reserve is then to be taken over by the Constitution, becoming a national bank, where credit is issued by Congress only for productive scientific, industrial, and cultural progress. That means full funding for NASA’s manned space program, with an emphasis on planetary defense from extreme weather and asteroids, and the colonization of the Moon and Mars. The first step in such a durable recovery is the building of the North American Water and Power Alliance, to train the next two generations of skilled labor in how to live for something bigger than their own lives.

Whether, and by what means human civilization will survive Obama’s attempt to start thermonuclear world war before the election, is the only issue in this election. Get him out now, so we can start building this nation once again.

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