Rachel Brown: Why Hasn't Obama Been Impeached for his Health-care Bill?
March 27, 2012 • 8:16AM

The Supreme Court hearing on Obama-care this next week begs the question, Why has President Obama not yet been impeached for this bill, which is in violation of the General Welfare clause of the U.S. Constitution?

The Obama health care bill was modeled on Hitler's T-4 policy, which treated the sick, the elderly and the infirm as "useless eaters," and ordered that they be killed, to save funds on health care.  Under this policy, the Nazis murdered nearly 250,000 people, before moving on to even greater mass murder in the concentration camps.  In the post-war trials at Nuremberg, among those found guilty of crimes against humanity were the authors of this health-care policy, and the doctors who carried out the killing, eight of whom were hanged as Nazi war criminals.

The Obama-care Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), set up to slash spending on "end-of-life care," establishes the Nazi-style approach of saving funds by denying care to those who most need it, i.e., Hitler's T-4 policy. The Republicans, instead of opposing the IPAB bill as a stand-alone, tacked the repeal onto another bill, ensuring it's defeat, because they would rather be able to campaign against it than actually stop it. This represents the type of “election-based” politics which sacrifices the real welfare of the citizens for a moment in the headlines.

My now-famous exchange with Wall Street's Congressman Barney Frank was over this issue.  Frank, who could not refute this, engaged instead in his typical bullying and name calling, but his obnoxious defense of Obama's Nazi policy backfired, as the actual nature of this policy has become increasingly clear. 

Obama's policies were written in London, just as his other model for taking care away from the sick and elderly to "save money" was the British health-care system, which is not surprising: it was British bankers, in an alliance with their Wall Street partners, such as the Harrimans and Prescott Bush, who funded Hitler.

If the Supreme Court intends to uphold the Constitution, it must not only strike down the sections of Obama-care brought before it, but recommend that he be immediately removed from office, for committing impeachable offenses.

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