Diane Sare: Mr. Trumka, Americans Do Know Who to Blame…
March 28, 2012 • 9:39AM

…And it’s not the senate. Not that Americans have any great faith in anyone in the US Congress at the moment. But, Mr. Trumka, why not tell the truth? It was OBAMA’s JOBS bill. So why is the AFL-CIO endorsing him? Labor leaders in NJ learned the hard way about sell-outs in the Democratic Party when the Democrats leading the State Assembly cut a deal with our notorious Governor Chris Christie against collective bargaining rights. Many rank and file union members in this state, have had it with Obama. They are wondering why the union is asking them to campaign for someone whose policies of protecting Wall Street and the City of London have left millions of Americans unemployed and foreclosed upon. Not to mention Obama’s recent signing of the NDAA, which allows US Citizens to be detained indefinitely without trial, and worst, Obama’s alleged green light to Bibi Netanyahu to go ahead and attack Iran, which would unleash thermo-nuclear war. When is the leadership of the labor movement going to stand up and fight for the rights of all?

The AFL-CIO should rescind its endorsement of this Nero in the White House, and support his impeachment, so that he could be replaced by a Democratic candidate in the tradition of John F Kennedy. If the AFL-CIO truly wants working families to be represented in government, then endorse the LaRouche Slate of Congressional Candidates across the nation. In the March 26 roundtable with Mr. LaRouche, you’ll see that we represent the only program to save the whole nation. With a reinstatement of Glass-Steagall and a return to the American System of Credit, Americans can be paid for what they are going to produce. We have assembled a builders’ committee to launch the greatest water and power project ever conceived of: NAWAPA, which would have been completed by now, had both Kennedy’s not been assassinated in the 1960’s.

It is time to stop going along to get along. The human race may not survive this time, and the world is unlikely to survive if people keep supporting Obama. You know we are right. Stop the cover-up. Obama has to go.

-Diane Sare

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