LaRouche: London Behind Vile Slander Campaign Against Cheminade
March 30, 2012 • 9:06AM

Lyndon LaRouche today sharply denounced the vile slander campaign, directed against French Presidential candidate Jacques Cheminade. "The vicious slanders against Jacques Cheminade are coming directly on orders from London," LaRouche declared. "The British oligarchy is terrified of what I represent and what my associates and I are capable of doing to wreck their plans for thermonuclear extinction or a post-nation state plunge into a horrific global dark age. The British imperial monetarist system is doomed, and they are scared to death at the alternative that I offer."

Senior U.S. intelligence sources have separately confirmed that the unprecedented smear campaign against Cheminade, which began the instant that his candidacy was certified by French electoral officials, is being run from London, utilizing British assets in the French media and the political parties. The French population is being decimated by the overall European economic collapse. Outside of Paris, unemployment is skyrocketing, there is uncertainty about the survivial of the Euro, and price inflation for food and energy is creating an existential crisis. Under such circumstances, with both the Socialists and Gaullists trapped in their committment to maintain austerity policies and save the Euro, the Cheminde alternative, manifested in his 300-page recovery platform, is all that is actually in the interest of French voters, one Washington intelligence veteran acknowledged.