NAWAPA XXI: The Future Brought to You by the LaRouche National Slate
March 30, 2012 • 7:33PM

The following is a statement by Washington State congressional candidate, Dave Christie

Remove Obama from the presidency immediately, and the shovels will hit the dirt for NAWAPA. The work over the years would be challenging, but each night would bring a silent smile to our people, knowing that we were building a future for not only our grandchildren, but our grandchildren’s grandchildren. After about a generation of work, our nation will have pulled itself out of the decay we have suffered under the last decades of “globalization”. The water of NAWAPA will provide fresh water for our agriculture, and electricity for new industries. More importantly, it will signal the end of the reign of the British Financial Oligarchy, by bringing in a new era of cooperation amongst sovereign nations, beginning with Arctic development. All this could be ours, if only Obama were removed.

But since our nation continues to capitulate to Obama and his British puppet masters, we now face extinction. The smell of the coming war is no longer avoidable. Only the delusional think this is a war about Syria, Iran or North Korea. The targets of this war are Russia and China, who have refused to capitulate to the imperial demands of a dying British financial system. Asia is now being threatened with thermonuclear annihilation, for refusing to end their development perspective in cooperative projects in space exploration, nuclear power, railways and water management. Russia and China have offered to work with the United States in the areas of Arctic development, the Strategic Defense Initiative, and on the long awaited tunnel under the Bering Straits, proposed again by the CEO of Russian Railways in early March. But because we have not removed Obama, there is no cooperation with these nations, and we now sit on the verge of a thermonuclear holocaust.

The LaRouche Slate has a better idea: get Obama out, and pass Glass-Stegall. Glass-Steagall will destroy the power of the London centered international financial syndicate. Then we will return to Alexander Hamilton’s design for a credit system, which restores the absolute and fundamental relationship of our nation’s flow of credit to physical economic growth, rooted in scientific advancement. NAWAPA will be the keystone project for the next generation, and will employ 4 million people in the project itself, with an additional 2-3 million people employed in the upgrading of our rail system and our nuclear energy capabilities, with an emphasis on the 4th generation reactors. It is the only project that has the scope and duration to pull us out of this economic collapse.

· 160 million acre feet of fresh water per year will be delivered to the nations of Canada, the United States, and Mexico. To give a sense of that magnitude, the current amount of water used to irrigate the United States farmland is about 144 million acre feet per year. In other terms, the water from NAWAPA, flowing at 160 million acre feet per year, would fill up approximately 2.5 Olympic size swimming pools every second!

· A surplus of 42, 000 MW of electricity will be provided from the hydro-power of the NAWAPA system. That is approximately enough energy to provide electricity for an additional 40 million homes.

· The bill of materials for the dams, canals and reservoirs is astounding. For example, approximately 3 billion cubic yards of concrete will be needed; that would fill up a container with a width, depth and length of one and a half Sears Towers! 440 million tons of steel is needed. An equivalent amount of steel would send a railroad track around the world over 70 times!

A recent report that came from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), warns of the instability that will be caused by the coming scarcity of water. They predict that by 2040, water demand will outstrip current supply by 40 per cent, and that this will become the basis for future wars amongst nations. What they fail to mention, is the war the LaRouche Slate is waging on the British Empire, and that NAWAPA is our weapon to finish them off. With NAWAPA, and similar water and other development projects around the world, we will begin an era of economic cooperation between sovereign nations, ending forever the British Empire’s “divide and conquer” strategy.

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