September 21st 2012 • 8:23PM

Congressman Walter B. Jones (R-NC) held a press conference on Sept. 21, in Washington DC to discuss House Concurrent Resolution 107. Rep. Jones was joined by Bruce Fein, Associate Deputy Attorney General under President Reagan, author, "American Empire: Before the Fall", Lt. Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson (USA.Ret), former Chief of Staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell (2002-05) & Lt. Colonel Anthony Shaffer, author of "Operation Dark Heart".


September 7th 2012 • 11:58PM

On September 7th Lyndon LaRouche appeared on The Alex Jones show to discuss the unsurvivable condition of America and the rest of the world if President Obama were to be re-elected for four more years.

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August 25th 2012 • 8:41PM

Across the United States LaRouche PAC volunteers are encountering the cowardice of the American people. People who regret they ever voted for Obama, hate his economic policies, are disgusted by his kill lists and illegal war in Libya but who, despite this, are too cowardly to act to stop Obama from becoming the Democratic Nominee. Their argument? "Yes it's bad, but it's not that bad".

September 16th 2012 • 5:12PM

A qualitative shift has occurred with the revelations that the Obama Administration had at least 48 hours advanced notice that an attack was likely to occur on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi. Obama is now criminally complicit in the murders of a U.S. Ambassador and three other U.S. citizens serving in Libya. Congress' formerly scheduled departure from D.C.

September 7th 2012 • 3:58PM

Are you the American people going to defend our legacy of progress and work to push Obama out of office? Are you the American people fit to survive?

August 25th 2012 • 2:38PM

In remarks to associates Lyndon LaRouche took on the real crisis inside the United States, that of the cowardice of the American people. Faced with a Nero-personality in the White House, who is ready to unleash thermonuclear war, American's in leading positions of power refuse to exert the moral leadership necessary to defend the nation.

Morning Overview: Saturday April 7, 2012
April 7th 2012 • 9:00AM

We review the simultaneous acceleration of President Obama's impeachable offenses with the development of the post-Obama NAWAPA XXI project.

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