August 5th 2010 • 2:02AM

After using Fermat's discovery of least-time to express the difference between monetarism and a credit system, Jason Ross offers brief remarks on the dynamics of biological evolution, and engages in a discussion on the NAWAPA program and economic policy-making.

February 15th 2010 • 9:47PM

The inter-alpha group head, Banco Santander is in the midst of a breakdown. The British Empire is on the verge of collapse

January 14th 2010 • 1:00PM
March 2nd 2010 • 2:30PM
December 29th 2009 • 5:41PM
Morning Overview: Saturday April 7, 2012
April 7th 2012 • 9:00AM

We review the simultaneous acceleration of President Obama's impeachable offenses with the development of the post-Obama NAWAPA XXI project.

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