1. Illegally Going to War, Supporting Regime Change, and Provoking Russia and China into broader, potentially Thermonuclear Conflict

Obama went to war against the nation of Libya in March of 2011. No vote of approval was ever sought, or obtained. Nor did the President's commitment of military forces in Libya ever conform to conditions set forward in the War Powers Resolution, including self-defense. In fact, the whole operation has been ultimately shown to have been a preemptive aggressive war in pursuit of regime change, as explicitly condemned as a war crime by the post-World War II Nuremberg Tribunal.

Obama's actions in Libya, his recent subsequent statements regarding the civil war in Syria, and his clandestine approval for Israel's plans to carry out an offensive strike against Iran over its alleged 'nuclear program' point to a larger regional destabilization policy that Obama has continued and escalated since assuming office. These actions communicate the intent to provoke broader, potentially nuclear and thermonuclear conflict with Russia and China, both of whom have interests in maintaining stability in Southeast Asia, expanding their populations and capabilities, and providing for the general welfare of their own nations. In addition to pushing regime change and degrading the overall stability of the middle east by pushing for and escalating war there, Obama has done everything he can to actively provoke Russia by expanding on plans for an Anti-Ballistic Missile shield in Eastern Europe. He has actively supported anti-China movements and enacted plans to expand military bases in the South Pacific and around China.

Obama cannot be allowed to provoke Russia and China further, as the consequences are too terrible to contemplate.

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2. Illegally ordering the Assassination of American Citizens without due Process

President Barack Obama flagrantly violated the fifth amendment with the avowed assassination of at least three American citizens, Anwar Al-Awlaki, his 16-year-old son, and Samir Khan, without benefit of due process of law. Indeed, the death warrants against these individuals were effectively signed in secret, in a committee which is overseen directly by the President.

It is highly likely that other American citizens have also been summarily executed in like fashion, through the President-sanctioned program of deploying drones against individuals alleged to be "terrorists," who were hit while in the company of other unknown persons. At least one report has been leaked about U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan having been killed in such a way.

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3. Continuing/Escalating Bush-Cheney's Police State Measures & Other Dictatorship Measures

While President Barack Obama campaigned on a platform of ending wars and shutting down Guantanamo Bay, he has, in fact, violated the fourth amendment of the U.S. Constitution by continuing, and even expanding, the Bush/Cheney Admnistration's program of warrantless interception by the National Security Agency of the electronic communications of millions of Americans. He has also signed the ACTA treaty.

In addition Obama has enacted the so-called Budget Control Act, which sets up a Super-Congress to usurp the powers of the House over economic policy, even denying Congress the ability to amend decisions made by a committee of 12 (along with Obama).

The establishment of the Super-Congress follows the same pattern of usurpation Obama pioneered with his proposal for an Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) to dictate the terms for what medical procedures are to be covered, and what they should cost. In the name of "removing decisions from politics," Obama would prevent Congress from defending the general welfare, and implement policies like those carried out by Adolf Hitler's "non-political" panel of experts at Tiergarten-4, the center of the 1939-41 Nazi euthanasia program that resulted in the mass death of the disabled and elderly.

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4. Pushing a Denial-of-Care Health Bill

President Barack Obama, through his promotion of a health care "reform" which explicitly calls for cutting the cost of medical care by either denying services, pricing them in such a way as to reduce their usage, or penalizing "overutilization," has conspired to carry out mass murder through the denial of medical care to those considered to have "lives not worthy to be lived."

In addition to denying care, through non-payment, for certain categories of the population—especially the elderly and poor who are enrolled in Medicare and Medicaid—Obamacare is reducing reimbursements to medical and surgical facilities, as well as physicians, with the predictable result of denying medical services to a population in need.

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5. Possibly Worst of All: Presiding over the End of the Shuttle Program & Jeopardizing Humanity's Future

The importance of unending scientific progress has never been more clear. In the past 50 years, while we have developed the best instruments and probed further than ever before, we are also now more painfully aware than ever before of just how inadequate our knowledge of our Solar System, our Galaxy, and our Universe really is. Both the threats and potentials of extraterrestrial forces requires their full and unrelenting study. This, in a nutshell, is LaRouchePAC's policy.

However, Obama has not only presided over the end of our Shuttle Program, his unforgivable budget cuts have extended deep into our overall space program. There is no greater concern to the human species than to learn, expand, and accomplish ever increasing power over the solar system, to ensure that a brighter future may be ensured for the generations who come after us.

Any President who does not commit his full resources to this is, by default, deplorable and deserving of removal. Obama has gone way beyond that by attacking NASA, and relegating the issue of its funding to a mere budgetary concern, rather than treating our most important scientific program with the existential importance that it demands.