Obama's Conditions Doom Nuclear Talks with Iran
April 10, 2012 • 11:51AM

Paul Pillar, former lead Middle East analyst for the U.S. National Intelligence Council and America's leading expert, issued an April 8 analysis which suggests that Obama's negotiating position for the forthcoming nuclear talks with Iran, leaked Easter Sunday in the NY Times and elsewhere, is a deal breaker that will sabotage any talks and instead lead to war. See: http://nationalinterest.org/blog/paul-pillar/hostages-iran-6749

Pillar wrote especially about Obama's demand for the "immediate" closure of the Fordow nuclear facility, which was earlier singled out by insane Israeli Defense Minister Barak as a key Israeli objective, precisely in order to render all of Iran's (peaceful) nuclear program vulnerable to an Israeli airstrike.

Pillar wrote, "the Western message to Tehran seems pretty clear: we might be willing to tolerate some sort of Iranian nuclear program, but only one consisting of facilities that would suffer significant damage if we, or the Israelis, later decide to bomb it. In other words, we insist on holding Iranian nuclear facilities hostage to armed attack. Not the sort of formula that inspires trust among Iranian leaders and gives them much incentive to move toward an agreement.... Demands that can easily be interpreted either as deal breakers or as having been selected with a military attack in mind, raise questions about [whether the Obama administration wants a deal]."

He summarized, "given the stakes, the administration cannot afford to risk messing up the process by focusing on demands that seem to have more to do with simplifying the task of Israeli military targeteers than they do with anything else."

Responding to Pillar's report, Lyndon LaRouche said, "This is even more significant than that. This is the British policy. The British policy is that they will not launch World War III — thermonuclear World War III — on the condition that the intended victims are helpless.

"And therefore, there is no intention for peace.

"And the best thing we can do, is have the Supreme Court lead on to the impeachment of Obama. The people who want peace have got to cooperate with the Supreme Court in dealing with the case of the impeachability of Obama. Because, it is the Supreme Court that has to be called in, usually, in an impeachment process of that sort. Congress really has to do the impeachment, but it has to coincide with the acceptance of the Supreme Court.

"The Supreme Court is the leading body, in its jurisdiction, but the actual vote, as in any vote, takes place in Congress. Either the Supreme Court initiates the impeachment and Congress votes it, or Congress votes, and then the Supreme Court would implicitly or otherwise approve it.

"In other words, the Legislative and Judical branches must be in coordination implicitly or explicitly."

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