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December 17th 2011 • 2:00PM

A question from an agricultural scientist in Japan. How can we measure and enhance the energy-flux-density of the biosphere as a whole? What kind of agricultural or social policies should be enacted to make agriculture more productive or creative?

December 17th 2011 • 2:00PM

A question from Argentina: What is the role of Antarctica in a global recovery, and how might a scientific Antarctica-based collaboration of nations of the Southern hemisphere relate to the development of the Arctic by nations in the Northern hemisphere?

December 17th 2011 • 2:00PM

What is human immortality, truly? What challenges for politics and economy does the galaxy have for those bold enough to defy Obama and the British Empire? Is the ability to have a passionate connection to the geniuses of a nation, and their ideas, across history, and the Promethean application of those ideas, the way to understand non-linear time?

December 17th 2011 • 2:00PM

A former NASA PI asks about the manipulation of global climate data, and the climate scientists who continue to receive public funds despite their criminal implication.

December 17th 2011 • 2:00PM

The Stanford Group poses its question by referring to the difference between the human mind and the brain, as well as the nature of "physical time" in economics, a science unique to the human species.

December 17th 2011 • 8:30AM

Cody Jones previews the December 17th Basement Webcast, in which he and Basement Research Team Leader Sky Shields will be discussing LaRouche's latest papers, and quite literally, the substance of the Universe. Webcast page can be found Here. Bookmark it!

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April 11th 2012 • 3:04PM

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