Note: This is an incomplete, un-edited, pre-release document.

A much-needed thesis:


By Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

April 10, 2012


In my experience, much has been written with the apparent intent of representing both the U.S.A.’s and also much broader history, some of which is plausible, but most not. Amid all these, there have been some much-needed endeavors complementing my own much earlier works in these fields, as by the neatly composed documentation on this matter from my past and present colleagues such as Graham Lowry, Nancy Spannaus, Anton Chaitkin, and others; but, there has been no relevant account, so far, of an available, but merely recorded history which actually addresses those deep biophysical principles which actually underlie the deep evolution of human behavior, and of its societies on a urgently required, galactic scale.

As I shall show crucial aspects of this in published print for the first time, here, my own authority in this subject-matter has remained both unique and manifold throughout a continuing, upward evolution of the relevant insights.

The origins of my own approach to the subject of what shall come to be known as a truly modern history of mankind, are to be found in what I shall now come to show here, as having been its origins for me, since the early 1950s, shown most emphatically in the opening and concluding portions of1Shall we report that the Crab Nebula seems to be faster than light? Bernhard Riemann’s 1854 habilitation dissertation.2Über die Hypothesen, welche der Geometrie zu Grunde liegen. That subsequently evolving approach to this subject, had become a crucial influence in shaping my emergent role as a uniquely successful pioneer in an historical approach to what may be defined as a previously almost unknown science of physical economy.3I had rejected Euclidean geometry most emphatically, that rejection based on most excellent premises of insight, by the close of the first day of that class. My naive judgment of the matter had been correct from the start: I gained a certain ultimate advantage lacking in those classmates of mine who were victimized by their attempted devotion to conformity with the “standard” curriculum. The implications of this fact became very, very clear under the conditions of my role in the Fusion Energy Foundation (FEF), but were otherwise well established by the mid-1950s career as a consultant.

Since that early encounter with Riemann’s work, his habilitation dissertation, the concluding, third section of the dissertation most emphatically, had directed my early attention to deeper implications of the crucial quality of ontological errors which are to be recognized as embedded in the ordinary use of both spoken language and formal mathematical systems as such. That much of the subject takes me back to more than fifty-odd years ago, and to the effects on me of my participation in the founding of a scientific association, the Fusion Energy Foundation (FEF). The latter was a project which was to have been principally devoted to the subject of applied thermonuclear fusion at that time. That same setting had prompted my initiatives, from early Autumn 1977 on, for my launching of what was later named by President Ronald Reagan’s Administration as “A Strategic Defense Initiative” (SDI).

Despite the fact that the launching of what came to be named as “SDI” had come to be adopted by leading circles associated with such as U.S. President Reagan’s best advisors, I was never forgiven, publicly, to the present date, for my successful initiatives from that time and onward. These were the same initiatives which had brought a number of notable figures from among leading nations of the world into support of this project. The hatred and specific political reprisals directed against me personally during more than forty-odd years to date, contain certain essential scientific elements which have had, for me, no known equal known up through the present date. Aspects of my discovery in this matter are presently known among a few who have been closely associated with my work; but, what I am presenting in this present report, has remained unique. For good reasons, that will be made clear in the concluding part of this present report. The time has come to, as it is said, “spill the beans.4The Wednesday Weekly Report for April 4, 2012, contains some relevant elements of final report.

Let us now turn our attention to some essential elements of political background on the history of SDI, as follows.

“The Critics!”

Prior to that support for SDI represented by President Reagan in 1983 and beyond, and prior to the savage opposition to SDI expressed by the Soviet Union’s Yuri Andropov, there had been supporting interests shown from relevant Soviet scientific and related support. Whether Mikhail Gorbachov or Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II hated me the more passionately for reason of my role in SDI, may remain debatable, but the political opinions of both of them, even if influential, were never worth much scientifically, even still today.

What should those so-called “critics” have expected from me, a passionately patriotic American with a relatively long roster of precedents of my own in the field of economics? I have excellent reason to suspect that the British imperialist types, and their likenesses, have long nourished an impassioned personal hatred of my role as an opponent of British imperialism’s leadership in the presently still wildly spreading international drug-trafficking, a traffic which has been continued, even greatly expanded, up through the present date. Had there been a pretext to doubt my views on that account, witness the current Queen’s current campaign for the rather rapid reduction of the human population of this planet, from a fairly estimated seven billions persons, to less than one billion. For my part, I have never hated the queer little Queen personally (why bother?), but I do insist upon a significant improvement in her actions toward the human species, especially her empire’s tradition of those genocidal practices against the populations of the African continent which her current policies continue to represent.

The Key Issue of Science Here

So, let us turn our attention to the need for a briefing introducing the much deeper issues before us here.

The presently most crucial issue for the world’s culture, lies in need for the freeing of mankind from an axiomatic belief in what is fairly recognized as a dogma of “sense certainty.” I mean the mistaken presumption that human knowledge should be defined in terms of the role of sense perceptions. That popular belief in the primacy of the senses, is, in the end, brutishly illiterate scientifically. Nonetheless, it has been an opinion which has tended to prevail among even nominally certified scientists. I have often pointed, on this account, to the systemically same quality of illiteracy underlying the still widely taught, fraudulent, a-prioristic (and also Friedrich Nietzschean-like) doctrines of a simple reductionist’s Euclidean geometry.

The root of those actually existentialist doctrines of Euclid, Friedrich Nietzche and their like, is to be recognized in the same hereditary cultishness which is to be associated with the oligarchical dogma banning of the access to the use of fire by the “lower classes” of human beings, as the same fraud is circulated widely among the weak-minded, current believers in “zero technological growth.” That is to emphasize, that the capacity of living species to continue to exist, depends, as the case of the fallen dionsaurs illustrates this point, upon a trend of increase of the “energy-flux density” represented by the relevant living species.

The understanding of relevant evidence also depends upon the requirement of a trend of increased energy-flux density within the relevant aspects of our Solar system, and according to the evidence of closely related experience of our galaxy. Consider the morally depraved varieties of human beings who are to be recognized as the oligarchical cults which are presently, more or less violently opposed to that human scientific progress expressed in the use of higher energy-flux densities. That has been, the brutish opposition to progress by such as the British monarchy’s current scheme for population reduction through lowering of the standard for applied energy-flux densities. Those current schemes are actually setting the current trend for the prospect of vast extinctions among even the totality of the human species, as the Queen of England’s adopted dogma now requires. On that account, those “zero-growthers” present themselves as being the enemies per-se of the entirety of humanity. Indeed, given certain trends now current within our Solar system, the “zero growthers,” as in the tradition of U.S. President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt, typify the traditions of the criminally inclined enemies of the human species.

I shall now present a preliminary outline of the implications of those facts from a higher vantage-point.


In what shall become the concluding chapter of this report, I shall have focused attention on successively deeper, very rarely recognized principles of human communication. These are principles which are to be found only outside the confines of both the notion of sense-certainty and its related forms of language.

For that reason, I have chosen to begin this chapter of my the report with attention to some relatively simpler features of the matter at hand. I do this because they are easily made familiar, although, in the final analysis, they tend to typify commonplace opinions which are chiefly mistaken, even incompetent terms of reference. They are, so to speak, the “accused’s” doctrines now being held in dock.” I present such cases, because they must be considered on that specific account, so that we might be better equipped to distinguish the work done by the“guilty,” from the fruit of these present chapters devoted to the defense of the “innocent.”

To begin, take note of the fact, that , ordinarily, even often, many people deceive themselves when they speak, even habitually. They have actually understood almost nothing which is truly essential of what they seem to believe that they had said. There are popular reasons for all that. The fact is, that most among our citizens naively express what are essentially ignorant opinions, but which are comparable to lies in their effect.

They often do that respecting matters of crucial national interest. Others are careful to hide what they actually believe (“It’s none of your business, thank you!”). The relevant, variously either intentional, or careless opinions, are a source of more or less grave injury to those lured into belief in what are identifiable by them as “sense certainties.” Such opinions are particularly notable among those people who seek to mimic those whom I, for one, have repeatedly exposed as “guilty parties,” as being such merely presumed celebrities as “currently leading economists, ” or as candidates for President, or as newspaper reporters, publishers, or other varieties of the authors and purveyors of frequently dubious, and, even often malicious gossip.

For example, under the behavioral tendencies of the current young-adult generation, is it common practice to “protect” what are actually lies, as a certain kind of code of conduct, lies which are protected as a precondition for being accepted socially acceptable among relevant networks. Even persons of this class who would be, otherwise, pride themselves on expressing competent scientific outlooks, in fact, will lie, even wildly, as a matter of conforming to what is, in fact, a code of lies. Similar “codes of lying” are not limited to members of such a relatively younger generation, but they have a special role among that young-adult generation to whose case I am referencing here.

Official lying, as used by the current U.S. President Barack Obama to obscure the truth about the preconditions for the continued existence of the U.S.A., represent adopted preconditions which are, in, and of themselves, an expression of what is, intrinsically, a major crime against humanity, not only against the people of the United States themselves, but nations of the world generally.

Such moral disorders among the broader categories among leaders and other people of the United States, or other nations, have consequences from which those population themselves make themselves suffer the most, and that most often. The elections of U.S. Presidents George W. Bush, Jr. and the brutishly Nero-like, lawless Barack Obama, are examples of what could be fairly named as an element of an implicitly criminal practice when considered in terms of the effects on the society at large.

Among financier circles, strictly speaking, successful attempts at spreading lies, such as those spread by Ben Bernanke’s rabidly hyper-inflationary leadership of the Federal Reserve System, are often considered by foolish people as having been justified by virtue of “a need for” those financial gains which such frauds had obtained for the financier community of speculators, perhaps, or, as being simply a dubious deduction passed on as a “bail-out” tax upon somebody else’s account. For folk such as those, yesterday, insofar as the leading gossip had chosen to report that a nameless “it” had happened, that report, whether true, or usually not, had seemed to neatly decide the issue. Such practices create a purely fictitious flood of news, on the fraudulent pretext, that the financial swindlers, such as a Ben Bernanke, or the Obama Presidency, depend for their wicked gains.

Admittedly, if only occasionally, there is, perhaps, an occasional bit of truth which also leaks from among the outpouring of those customarily official lies which dominate our public political life today, young adults in particular. Barely enough truth is contained as if intended to confuse matters. Even high-ranking legislators and other officials will often utter, or merely condone, a very wicked lie for the sake of “going along to get along” with their colleagues, all done on the pretext of something equal to saying “I needed that money,” or, “We needed those votes.”

For example: As I should have reminded some readers back during and following the close of Summer, 1956, I had presented what was to become a truthful, and precise economic forecast with a memorably unique quality of professional success in identifying certain untruths imposed upon our nation at that time. This experience of mine has been experienced repeatedly, in essentials, since then. Most official persons expressed a different motive than mine as their personal opinion, and had asserted their presumed right to a commercial and related social advantages on that account.

A Case In Point

For example: look back to 1956-57.

Back then, I had forewarned, that what would be the worst post-World War II recession up to that time, would (and did) occur exactly as I had forecast: between the last days of February 1957 and the opening days of that March? My forecast was uniquely successful at that time; yet, even most economists and the like of that time proved themselves incapable of presenting a competent judgement at that time; but, all other considerations said and done, what I had forewarned in my role as an economist (when I chose to make a forecast), had usually happened, on each relevant occasion, exactly as I had forecast.

I freely concede that there had been only a short interval between the forecast made in August 1956, and the outcome, during the interval from the end of February-through very early March 1957; but, since the precision of the forecast’s target had been dated to no more then a mere several days between the close that degree of precision of my forecast more than offset the brevity of the interval between mid-1956 forecast and the very early March 1957 consequence.

In fact, on the record, virtually all economists among my putative “rivals,”have engaged in what passed for “forecasting” among them, have been consistently “flat wrong” on this account, up through the present day. Take the case of the scoundrel known as U.S. President Andrew Jackson, for example:

The greatest damage to the United States during the interval 1828-1837, had been unleashed in the aftermath of the election of President Andrew Jackson for two terms in office. This election had brought in a Jackson administration governed by a partnership of our worst scoundrels of that time, which included the treasonous British spy, assassin, and U.S. traitor, Aaron Burr, and, also, his leading accomplice, Martin van Buren. That administration’s policies thus wrecked the U.S. economy in manner expressed as a Panic of 1837 which paved the way for the consequent U.S. Civil War.

It was the policies of the Jackson Administration, which had been crafted for Jackson’s role at the direction of the pair of Wall Street cronies and British monetarist assets known as the inherently treasonous Aaron Burr and Martin van Buren, a crew which continued to ruin the U.S. economy through, and even far beyond the time of the death of Burr. Burr’s evil had led into the British-spawned Confederacy conspiracy against the United States, and had already ruined what had been the magnificent successes of the U.S. under the leadership President John Quincy Adams. This had been typical of the chronic political idiocy of so-called “American populism,” which bears the entire responsibility for leading the ruin of the United States during the interval from Andrew Jackson, through the attempted ruin of the United States through a U.S. Civil War which had been organized, top-down, by our nation’s perennial enemy, the British monarchy.

There are important contrasts to be considered.

The Crucial Role of President Kennedy

The few years of the incumbency of President John F. Kennedy prior his assassination, has been the only interval of a significant trend of a net actually physical-economic progress of the U.S. economy since President Kennedy’s assassination, that up to the present time. This upward trend under President Kennedy, was not “statistical”in any meaningful sense: it was a reflection of the related, best physical-economic policy of practice of the US. economy in his time, including the earlier launching of the greatly upgraded space program, and the upgrading of that program through his own leading initiatives.

That later decline was the result of policies of practice which had been contrary to those of a Kennedy Administration which had been a lever for resurrection of the actual policy-framework of President Franklin Roosevelt. The U.S. economy had never recovered, to the present day, from the radical change in U.S. policy effected through the combination of the assassination of President Kennedy and the continuation of those British-influenced policies, policies including that of permanent wasting warfare installed through the economic policies which were commonly contrary to the characteristics of both the Franklin Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy administrations.

For example: the Obama Administration has been, without exceptions, the worst, and, also, the most consummately evil in all U.S. history to date. Both the presently leading candidates for election of President, Democrat or Republican, would ensure results far worse than those of both the Republican candidacies and that of Obama. The evil of Obama is simply more obvious than the also unbelievable claims of Obama’s nominally Republican rivals.

In practice, my present and recent forecasts have been exceptionally successful, even virtually unique. Unfortunately, the Kennedy Administration excepted, those forecasts since the Kennedy assassination have turned out. since, to have been, at their best, chiefly accurate forecasts of our nation’s accumulations of self-inflicted disasters.

Thus, my unique successes in forecasting, were not only unique at that time, even still today. My misfortunes have been, with rare exceptions, usually the reaped harvest of those not quite consistent failures of our nation’s governments since the death of President Franklin Roosevelt. The rather consistent tragedy of our government since that time, has been that while we have benefitted from the quality of leadership delivered by some of our elected Presidents, it has been contrary political influences, chiefly those typified by the British imperial interests and their Wall Street and State Street puppets, which have managed to ruin the gifts which our relatively excellent, other Presidents had represented on their own account, in their own time.

The most notable of the recent exceptions to the usual Presidential frustrations, was that incumbency of President John F. Kennedy, on which a future President Clinton had tended to model himself. Unfortunately, both President Kennedy and his brother Robert were murdered, that done to assure the treasonous ruin of our republic to British advantage. As a result of those murders, even Presidents which had introduced such good policies as President Ronald Reagan’s introduction of the urgently needed Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), twice, the net outcome of every Presidency since that of Kennedy, had become a net national disaster, whatever particular good the Presidents themselves had done otherwise.

The Economic Shock of 1957

The still presently reverberating, later consequences of my 1956 forecast, more than the 1957 shock itself, would create that politically earth-shaking effect which became an after-shock still resonating, if in its own fashion, among notable international circles, up through this present moment. This was an effect which resonated, with increased effects, since the assassinations of both President Kennedy and his brother, Robert. The U.S. economy has never actually recovered from the effects of those assassinations, to the present date, so far. So, in this way, the memory of those weeks of that February-March 1957 interval, has remained a crucial turning-point of reference in post-World War II history, still, up to the present day.

Back then, the few weeks’ interval of from Summer 1956 into the 1957 financial collapse, which had come to dominate the latter 1950s, was particularly notable for the reason, that what I had forecast in 1956, had actually happened exactly when and how I had forecast a “deep recession,” a recession which had actually been a depression with reverberating effects for those times, had President Kennedy’s policies not provided actual relief for as long as he had lived.

It is the fact, that virtually everyone who might have been regarded professionally as a relevant sort of professed forecaster at that time, and also much later, had usually failed, without exception, by a very wide, and deep margin, repeatedly, still today. To a large degree, the element of virtually seismic shock in the 1957 crash, had been aggravated in its effects, by the fact which the automobile industry itself had been desperately determined to hide. As they adapted to their own contemporary customs, so, they had also failed, that repeatedly, to have learned the lesson of their error. That was their state of mind then, and that, for most cases, even among most of those most of those economists of successive generations younger than my own, including most among those who are still living up to your present time.

The presently accelerating, virtually terminal, oncoming general collapse of the hyper-inflated Federal Reserve System, would soon deliver a far greater shock than anything since the Great Depression of the late 1920s, or perhaps the German hyperinflation of late 1923; but, what is already happening now, is already more than enough to prove the essential point.

Now, about a dozen years since former President Clinton’s retirement from office, there has come a certain continuing, brutal, thermonuclear shift in the immediate, relative meaning of your own probably foolish, and probably, more and more terrifying sense of living in such presently desperate times as ours today. Nonetheless, the root of today’s crisis can not be competently understood, unless the implications of what had happened in the mid- to late-1950s were first taken into account.

How The U.S. Was Wrecked Again From Inside

Consider the way in which the U.S.A. has been ruined from within.

Prior to his prepared assassination, President John F. Kennedy had honored the support he had received from the widow of a truly great U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt, Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt. President Kennedy had achieved greatness on an actually historic scale, by launching missions which were truly echoes of the pledges given by his great predecessor Franklin Roosevelt, pledges which were opposed bitterly by the British empire since the very moment of President Franklin Roosevelt’s death. Similarly, the death of President Kennedy was celebrated by those, inside Britain and others, who supported British policy in opposition to the intentions earlier presented by President Franklin Roosevelt on both U.S. national economic policies and, most emphatically, President Kennedy’s steadfast refusal to permit the United States to be drawn into a prolonged war in Indo-China.

It was clearly in support of British imperial policies, that Kennedy been assassinated, and that the war which he had opposed, was permitted to plunge the U.S.A. into the long Anglo-American-launched war in Indo-China, in deadly opposition to what both President Kennedy and General Douglas MacArthur had denounced as a great folly.

The promotion of the otherwise impossible Indo-China war was not the only motive for the assassination of President Kennedy.

While there is some room for doubt that it had been President Kennedy himself who had launched the NAWAPA project, that project, which had been modelled as an “upgrade” of the model represented by President Franklin Roosevelt’s Tennessee Valley miracle, was coherent with President Kennedy’s economic outlook, as the launching of NASA typifies the same policy-outlook. There was also the matter of Kennedy’s brilliant machine-tool policy. Taking all and the like into account, the assassination of President Kennedy was a general downfall in the physical conditions of life of the U.S. population as a whole, a downfall which would never have happened had President Kennedy lived out his expected two terms. In fact, since that assassination, the U.S. economy has never actually recovered to the trends-level of the Kennedy Presidency.

That prolonged, ruinously wasting war which was made possible by the assassination of President Kennedy, was continued for the span of a decade, but turned out to be the first in a series of prolonged, wasting wars from whose chain-reaction-like effects the United States and its military forces—and the U.S. economy—has not recovered, to the present date. Whatever any U.S. citizen might wish to make of that fact, the net effect of that pattern of folly has been comparable to a prolonged season of treasonous enterprises, usually prompted enterprises still prolonged and spread by the role of the British Empire, through to the present world crisis.

So, a chronically lying Prime Minister Tony Blair foisted a fraudulent cause of perpetual warfare in Iraq and related places, has typified the means by which this fraud of endless, useless, fraudulent warfare in aid of the British monarchy’s Asia drug trafficking. has been spread into other regions of Southwest Asia and beyond.

In fact, once President John F. Kennedy had been assassinated by a team of professional assassins, a team of the same credentials which had been otherwise occupied in European operations against the life of President Charles de Gaulle, a process of continuing collapse of the U.S. physical economy has reigned over the U.S.A. since that time, up through the present date. President Kennedy’s reforms had provided the urgently needed reforms until that awful moment of his death; but, since his assassination, the doom embedded in the renewed follies of the Truman Administration’s crimes against the United States and other economies, had now come home to roost, up through the present moments.

A Personal Experience

My own personal experience on these aforesaid accounts had already come to roost in my attention during those concluding, post-World War II months, out of northern Burma (Myitkyina) and India (Ledo), back into Calcutta, where I gained a rather deep “insight” into the way in which the British empire had slaughtered many in India on behalf of explicitly anti-President Franklin Roosevelt policy commitments in the most evil and mass-murderous manner.

This occurred, in part, before my eyes, that while I was still in uniform, even during those months I was stationed there. For me, there has never been any reasonable doubt, to the present date, that that has expressed the essential nature of the British monarchy’s policy, from what I knew, back then, to the current policies used by London and its Wall State system of prostitution, to the present day of former Prime Minister Tony Blair and his fellow-accomplices. This, included some U.S. citizens, including diplomats functioning as British imperialists, or as the thieving Wall Street varieties of political whores, as up to the present date of this writing.

The source of what many notables have come, increasingly, to hate and fear, as the actual uniqueness of my success in making the forecasts to which I have just referred, is to be located, essentially, in the implications of the fact, that, since a long time past, that my method has been, and continues to be rooted in a certain, progressive outlook on the role of physical science in economy, as in my now long-standing reaction against the inherent incompetence of those throughly anti-scientific, prevalent, methods which are still attached to still widely taught varieties of merely statistical-economic forecasting.

I need not apologize for the fact that at that time, had already recognized the fact that I had despised Wall Street crony President Harry S Truman, on excellent grounds, since that day the news of President Franklin Roosevelt’s death was received by us in an India, in Bengal’s Kanchrapara. Some of my fellow soldiers who I had known, came to me that afternoon, to propose that I meet with them after sunset that day. I had no doubt, then, that it was the death of President Roosevelt was what was on their minds. “Under the close of the day,” they asked “What is going to become of us, now?”

It was the kind of moment which leaves one with indelible recollections of the certain precise words spoken, even more than more than sixty-seven years later, even for a still “somewhat frisky”old man like me.

I had replied, and that precisely: “All that I know is, that we have served under a great President, and that we are now in the hands of a very little man. And, I am worried for what might now become of us.”

Those are the kinds of words that are to be spoken for such an occasion under dusk of the evening. I did not doubt the certain victory of our forces in the Pacific theater; at that moment, it was the post-war world ahead, one without a President Franklin Roosevelt, which I sensed as being the source of the danger ahead for our nation. I was right in that then, as now.

Even in the S. S. General Hershey, on the way back to the U.S.A. during the late Spring of 1946, I had already certain that the Churchill-Truman relationship would be a direct threat to our republic’s future. My concisely stated letter to General Dwight Eisenhower, in 1947, encouraging him to seek the Democratic Presidential election, expressed my fear for the U.S.A. under a continued Truman administration. Worst of all, I have never been wrong in emphasizing that kind source of danger to our republic.

With Truman’s reelection, matters for our United States became still worse, as I had feared for our republic on that account. Fortunately, if belatedly, President Eisenhower’s election took us out of the darkest of the post-war days; but the underlying problem remained seemingly far out of reach of true corrections, nonetheless. My recovery from a rather serious case of hepatitus which had struck me during the meantime, gave me a prolonged period of idleness under convalescence, from which I emerged, during a recovery which led into the outlook with which the writings of Berhard Riemann had equipped me with certain essential means for providing an appropriate scientific basis for what became my exceptional successes following 1954 and beyond, in crucial approaches to methods of forecasting in the field of management consulting and related matters.

The continuing difference, then, between my method, which had been largely rooted in the relatively elementary aspects of a Bernhard Riemann-based notion of physical-economy, as against still conventional statistical modes, has persisted since the time of my August 1956 forecast for what was to erupt as the actual crisis of February 1957. My uniquely successful approach to an actual science of economic forecasting, has been the harbinger of each of the fairly consistent successes of my forecasts, as contrasted with the failures of my leading putatively professional rivals over time. This has included forecasting and related successes such as my easily gained defeat of what had been regarded, until then, as the internationally prominent Keynesian economist, Professor Abba Lerner, in a celebrated debate at Queens College, on December 2, 1971.

To understand the actual shift in differences between my own method in a science of physical economy, on the one side, and the contrasting standpoint of the predominantly Keynesian and “Austrian School” opponents of the post-President Franklin Roosevelt decades, to the present date, we must follow the trail of changes which occurred within U.S.A., and Western European, thinking over the interval between the assassination of U.S. President William McKinley and the impact of the Summer 1971“crash” of the Bretton Woods system. My December 2, 1971 Queens College debate against Abba Lerner, conveniently marks a consequent change in my destiny, as expressed in its simplest and clearest characteristics. I beat them in December 1971; but, the generality of putative economists since that time had never learned the lesson with which I had confronted that generality of failed “leading” economists on that late 1971occassion.

Statisticians Were Always Failures

What has repeated startled my nominal rivals in economic forecasting, is actually to be blamed on the inherently foolishness of an academically popular, present method which may be fairly dubbed as “statistical forecasting.” The still persisting incompetence of this practice of “statistical forecasting,” resides in a particular fanaticism, that of blind faith in the specifically oligarchical tradition dating from events such as the siege of Troy, as continued through the modern Roman empire called Britain today, a system typified by the use of the standard of what is merely money as a standard of economic value, rather than the standard of a credit system, rather than relative physical values of continuing net growth of created physical product and productivity.

The repeal of the U.S. Glass-Steagall standard during the close of the Second President Clinton administration, has, in fact set off the highest rate of escalation into ever-higher rates of hyperinflation echoing, but exceeding the 1923 Weimar Germany hyperinflation, as this has continued up through the present instant of today’s trans-Atlantic monetarist system.

Throughout the span of the known ancient, through contemporary economies of the world’s histories, there have been essentially two, mutually contesting types of measurement employed as a measure of the generation of wealth. The most common type is the oligarchical tradition, for which the oligarchical cult of money in some form, is employed as a standard. The relatively rare, and inherently failed method of measurement, as presented by the so-called “monetarist schools,” is to be identified, otherwise as the “oligarchical” standard.

The contrasting, scientifically competent, anti-oligarchical measure, is presently typified by the physical-economic standard approached by Charlemagne’s reforms, and. later, distinguished by what is known as the standard of measure commonly used by the Massachusetts Bay colony. The latter occurred before the Massachusetts colony was suppressed by the bloody-handed New Venetian tyranny associated with absymally evil “New Venetian” party’s agent William of Orange. However, the methods of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, once set back critically by the British rape of New England’s society, was never fully uprooted during the turn from the Seventeenth to Eighteenth-centuries of the American colonies. Those republican methods were once again were installed, if somewhat damaged, as the policies of the original constitutional government of the United States. They were adopted as the standard of the original U.S. Federal Constitution’s a credit system, as the latter is expressed as an original Federal-Constitutional, national-banking system.

John Adams and Thomas Jefferson turned into “back-sliders” in their time, as John Quincy Adams never did; but, as for me, there has been a precious minority of our nation’s leadership which, like John Quincy Adams, which would never go the way of the “trail of tears” associated with a scoundrel like Andrew Jackson.

Thus, the Federalist system was treasonously suppressed for a time, this by the combined efforts of the trio of the British spy Aaron Burr, Burr’s accomplice of that time, Martin van Buren, and their jointly owned puppet-President Andrew Jackson; but, despite that trio of treasonous rascals, competence in economic policy was later revived by President Abraham Lincoln and his economist Henry C. Carey, as by his launching of a system of “greenbacks,” which proved itself to be a model of recovery later revived, temporarily, by similar actions under President Franklin Roosevelt, as by his combination of Glass-Steagall and the implications of the Roosevelt’s Bretton Woods, draft definition of the post-war world system: the system which was sabotaged by Wall Street hack Harry S Truman’s lips-to-buttock-like admiration of Britain’s Winston Churchill.

A Standard of Physical Economy

During the several recent years, my “Basement” associates and I had combined efforts in applied discoveries developed chiefly by the intertwining of their particular works. This more recent evidence has virtually demolished all plausible efforts to maintain support for the Nineteenth-century anti-scientific fraud which is known widely as the “Second Law of Thermodynamics.” Not only our constitutional system but also all sustainable living processes presently known to us, must follow a lawful ruling pattern of increase of the relative energy-flux density in the characteristics of the generality of successful living species, as to be shown in any history of the rise of successful living species over “dynamically,” but often weaker ones. Other, more brutish species, will vanish into the maw of biological extinctions.

That pattern, which persists from the earliest known forms of life, through the present time, is also to be applied to the evolution of systems of human life, but with a magnificent quality of difference added. Superior developments within the cultures of the human species, depend upon an upward trend in the induced effect of relative “energy-flux density” of the productive powers of the sundry human cultures. The evidence now in hand to that effect, is fully conclusive. The horrid lie known as the actual swindle of “environmentalism,” is more fairly identified as mankind’s proposed “green self-extinction,” which, if continued as Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II has demanded, would now almost certainly ensure the early extinction of the human species.

The Principle of Matter-Antimatter

Over the known course of the mere several millions of years during which the human species has been known to exist, so far, on our planet, the means for the continued existence of our species, is to be measured in terms of generally accelerating rates of increases of combined per-capita productivity, and, therefore, is also measured in energy-flux density of the characteristic modes of productivity among cultures of the human order of rising quality of species-vitality, as that is generally measurable in “energy-flux density.” We have now recently passed through the nominal ages of primary dependency upon pre-nuclear modes, into what is now, for us living today, a “now old” nuclear fission, for advances into what is to be the currently preferred (“scientifically conventional”) thermonuclear fusion; we have now entered the currently still pioneering phases of realization of a coming conventional standard of such as what had been portended, already, by Albert Einstein’s notion of matter/anti-matter actions.

For example: let it be simply said, that, Thermonuclear Fusion means a foreseeable future potential for travel from Moon to Mars, as foreseeable as feasible for modes of future thermonuclear-fusion propulsion expressed in a future journey to be scheduled within some future span of a week’s duration of travel. This event which should be considered as achievable within approximately a single future generation of development. Reaching the outskirts of our Solar System, requires the development of a matured approach to the applications of the matter-anti-matter, and even higher qualities of principled actions as typified by special characteristics of “The Crab Nebula.”

In the meantime, the Twentieth Century has been chiefly a grave disappointment in this regard during most of its time; we are now still hovering on going backwards, toward the prospect of the a trend leading toward extinction of the human species, that as if the devotees of that scoundrel Theodore Roosevelt, had been allowed to continue their preferred, satanic-like practices in the name of “environmentalism.”

The Deeper Roles of History In My Methods

For example. Britain’s imperial Edward VII, as the British Prince of Wales, had orchestrated the World War’s wars between Germany and Russia, as he had created, as Prince of Wales, the alliance of Britain and Japan against China and Russia, that during the 1890s and beyond; but the Prince, and later King, had orchestrated those and related later conflicts, with the specific intent to crush both his nominal foes and allies of the moment, in order to ruin allies and foes alike. So, in a kindred spirit, Britain today, backs its U.S. puppet-President Barack Obama, for the purpose of destroying the United States, in order to establish a single, intended world-empire, the British empire, over the entirety of a vastly decimated single planet.

From the time of my defeat of the ill-fated British champion in a celebrated December 2nd debate, Britain’s Keynesian Professor Abba Lerner, I can trace the downwards plunge of the U.S. physical-economic process which had developed the opening for a British imperial effort to use the self-inflicted economic decadence of the U.S. economy, which Abba Lerner had promoted, as the opportunity for attempts to bring the entire planet under the rule of a single, “Brutish” world empire.

The characteristic feature of a British imperial determination to bring the two leading nuclear powers of the planet, the waning Soviet economy and the waning U.S. physical economy, too, presents the British empire with the prospect of steering the pair of those two principal nuclear powers into a common ruin from which a single British world-empire might only wish to emerge. The existence of the “Euro” today, is typical of this.

This was the same policy expressed by the role of British-owned U.S. puppet-President Barack Obama’s operation, as between the ostensibly dwindling competency of the U.S.A. from the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and through the correlated decline of the Soviet Union. Now, western and central Europe have announced their threatend death-rattle as systems of government, known as the British imperial colony named “The Euro.”. For we, the sane, there is no available way to go but upward, to return to the principle of cooperation among a system of sovereign nation-states rising to ever-higher states of relative energy-flux density.

The Defense Of Earth!

Despite all suggested denials of this fact, my career has always remained, especially since the beginning of my patriotic career as an economist, a dedication to the principle of respectively sovereign governments within this planet. However, that has never been merely a fixed economic system for me, nor had it ever been the original intention of the true patriots of our American republic’s foundations since our original Massachusetts settlements,

For myself, this meant that I had intersected an intention to resist the downward plunge of changes specific to the 1971-1989 interval, a resistance which I premised upon actions for four most notable points.

The first was my minority candidacy for the U.S. Presidential election of 1976, which featured my warning of the need to avert the imminent threat of a U.S./Soviet nuclear conflict.

Second, a year later, came my turn to my initial efforts for promoting the alternative of a defense against thermonuclear weapons, this in the mode of a Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI).

Third, my own efforts, since 1983 onward, which had led into President Ronald Reagan’s attempts to bring the leading, post-Soviet, nuclear-weapons powers to agreement on a policy of what has recently come to the surface as a mutual strategic “defense of Earth.”

This has been an effort which I have continued as my own defense of the planet originally exprssed as my initiative for what had come to be named as a “Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI),” which has continued up as my intention up through the present date, and has been recently echoed by Russia’s “Strategic Defense of Earth”(SDE).

In another, earlier, related development, I had warned, repeatedly, beginning 1966, that the post-John F. Kennedy‘s U.S.A., and much of Europe, too, were already moving onto the verge of a profound economic crisis, which was to prove, in fact, to have become a series of the likenesses of tens-of-years-long wars in Southwest Asia and regions beyond, which has been continued up through the present date.

The economic effect of the latter blow had already hit with a specific, and enduring force in Summer 1971, and beyond, as the continuing, worldwide effect of the collapse of the Bretton Woods monetary system up through this present date.5See the celebrated December 2, 1971 debate between Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. and Keynesian Professor Abba Lerner at New York Queens’ College, where I wrought a memorable defeat of both Lerner and the crew of leading New York area economists whom Lerner had been called in to defend. That first really big, 1971, economic crisis of the U.S.A. and Europe, had struck as an outcome of assassinations of both President John F. Kennedy, and of his brother Robert Kennedy, who had been about to become President at the time. The resulting August 1971 panic is still to be remembered as “the Nixon crisis;” but, a closer examination of the facts of the matter, would come to show that the root of the Nixon crisis had actually been located in the attention of pro-British circles within the U.S.A. and beyond, already, with the assassination of John F Kennedy, as that effect has been consolidated, economically and otherwise, up through the present day, by Robert Kennedy’s assassination, the latter which had cleared the way for the Nixon election and the consequent effects of the Nixon matter up through the present day.

These developments launched by the opponents of my policies, has continued to ruin the U.S. economy, from the death of President Kennedy, up through the present date. This is a fact which must be recognized as an outcome of calamitous, post-Franklin Roosevelt changes in trans-Atlantic policy, a change whose effects have remained embedded in the continuing failure of the U.S. economy since the crucial turning point of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, to the present date.

Antecedents of major consequences have sometimes enjoyed a discoverable quality of truly rational basis, even when the contending parties lack any competent conception of the issues actually needing consideration, then, as now.

As I have just emphasized here, the present ruin of the U.S. economy, had actually begun about the time of the fast-approaching death of President Franklin Roosevelt, when Vice-President (and “Presider over vice”) Harry S Truman was about to take over, and, in turn, at that time, turn over the fate of the U.S.A. to imperial Britain’s Winston Churchill and that same Wall Street gang of Brown Brothers. So, the chief of the war-time OSS had said softly, then, leaving the President’s Office for what would be the last time: “It’s over.”

Wall Street’s Brown Brothers Harriman played a key part in organizing the British empire’s placing of Adolf Hitler into dictatorial power by means of the setting of the Reichstag fire, as the British monarchy now wishes its puppet, Barack Obama, to do something similar, but far worse, to the U.S.A. and world-wide, presently.

The election of President Dwight Eisenhower had rescued our United States from the worst effects of the reigns of the takeover by Harry S Truman, by Wall Street and by London’s takeover; but, it was Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt’s choice for a prospective “new President Franklin Roosevelt,” John F. Kennedy which gave us back our republic—for a short time. President Kennedy’s, assassination set our United States into what has proven to be the long wave of decline into national misery, a decline orchestrated by that perennially, treasonously inclined Wall Street gang which controlled the United States, more and more, from London since the death of Franklin Roosevelt. Any different version of that part of history would be an illusion orchestrated for the edification of the credulous.

“The Age of Parvus”

Since the time, 1890, when the British monarchy had expelled Germany’s Chancellor Bismarck from office, and since the related assassination of the United States President McKinley to the great recovery under President Franklin Roosevelt, in particular, those nations hve been ruined, ruined, repeatedly, by a reign which the British empire had originally organized as the state of “permanent war, permanent revolution” which the British arms-trafficker “Parvus” (Alexander Helphand) had set into motion on British imperial behalf,6“Alexander” Helphand, a leading British arms-trafficker and terrorist, later rather widely known by the nom-de-guerre of “Parvus,” was brought into the British intelligence service during the early 1890s through the British Fabian Society and Frederick Engels, all as part of the scheme launched beginning 1888-1890 for a “World War” between, principally, on the one side Britain, France, and Russia, all against, most notably, Russia and the declining Habsburg empire. Helphand functioned as a leading agent of the British arms industry. The actual war-fighting of what would be later named as “World War I” had been launched by an alliance between the British Prince of Wales and the Mikado, for war against China and Russia in the Far East. The ouster of Bismarck and the assassination of the France’s President Carnot, were key preparation measures, complemented by the Balkan wars, for the “Guns of August.” “Parvus” died shortly after my birth, but British network which he served has continued to operate in the same general territory as Parvus had in his time. It has been the legacy of British agent Alexander Helphand which has expressed the British empire’s global strategy since the expulsion of Germany’s Chancellor Bismarck, the rise to power of Britain’s Prince of Wales, otherwise known as “Edward VII.” The assassination of France’s President Sadi Carnot and the lunching of the alliance against China launched by an alliance of the Princeof Wales with the Mikado, were the actual establishment of what was to become known as the inauguration as “World War I.” a state of permanent war and revolution which dominates the shaping of current history through the present threat of the sudden outbreak of a virtually global thermonuclear warfare.

To sum up the kernel of what I have reported here so far: all future history has been implicitly foreknowable in a certain respect. Consider the way in which President Franklin D. Roosevelt brought us up out of the grip of Wall Street’s virtual treason, and in which the assassinations of two Kennedys brought us down.

My 1966-1971 forecast of effects of what had been the still ongoing U.S. war in Indo-China, had had two reasons to be considered as publically notable during and even beyond the Summer of 1971. Firstly, for reason of the simpler fact that my forecast, whose method had reflected the effects of the 1956-57 interval, had been unique among those proffered by notable economists of those times. Secondly, because I have been the only known economist known to be, to have made the one most important forecast since the close of World War II, up through the present date. Implicitly, it is fair to say that every leading economist of whose policies I have relevant knowledge from the late 1960s and 1970s, had failed to foresee what was coming, and that because they have mistaken the nature of that which had already happened. Most of them have never caught up with the truth of my unique success as a forecaster, to the present day, and were probably doomed to find a poor fool’s end in a single, thermonuclear stroke of a most unblessed innocence.

Since that same great crash of Summer 1971, the same persisting trend of errors—a virtual “trail of tears”—by my ostensible rivals in economic forecasting, has not only continued; in fact, excepting a notable few, most of the current crop are still today, far less intelligent in such matters, today, than their type had been more than forty years ago, back in a time when technological advances in productivity had been preferred. On the other hand, there is nothing properly to be considered mysterious about the uniqueness of my repeatedly continued success as a forecaster since all the way back from 1956 to the present day. As it was said by some who have sought to hide their shame, like the favorite poet of the scoundrel known as President Theodore Roosevelt’s favorite, Edwin Arlington Robinson’s “Miniver Cheevy,” “they,” the damned fools, have “had their reasons.”

The typically leading “market forecaster” relies on a practice of statistical “trends;” therein lies the essence of his (or “its”) successfully habitual incompetence.

The stubbornly recurring uselessness of the proverbial “usual” forecasts,” lies in the fact that they forecast what they (intended or not) had generated as the effects of the disasters which our Federal government, and the leading business enterprises, have often presumed to have been the preferred choice of economic policy-making at that moment. Or, to state the same point otherwise, they rely upon what they describe as “statistical forecasting,” which is better described as attempts at the “successfully lying and cheating of almost everyone, including, ultimately, oneself.”

Certain bankers, especially of the British empire’s breed of bankers, prosper at the expense of those victims who they have been more or less generally ruined by means of the expert advice which they had provided to those who turned out to be their typical—and numerous—victims. As Nathan Rothschild might have said to the bankrupt gamblers after Waterloo: “You wished to believe, and you succeeded in doing that, at the least, exactly that much.”

One might ask: “Why are even rich bankers and also most so-called ‘ordinary folk’ the credulous suckers which they usually turn out to have been bankrupts in their end?” The are usually like the dupes of a slimy President Jackson’s Wall Street and its London owners (such as the British agents Aaron Burr and Martin van Buren) did in Jackson’s time, as have most European and American dupes of London, the Federal Reserve, and Wall Street, once again today?”

There are two most notably causes for such phenomena as those. First and foremost, suckers would not be suckers unless they believed in that which they have been taught to accept as “facts.” I mean, most emphatically, “facts” of the sort reported by the customary press and kindred arrangements. The worst suckers are those who rely on the “reported facts” such as those which are reported by governments and from the daily and related press. Take, for example, the case of what is reported by government officials and the press, or often taught to the credulous in universities and schools today. “Reliable sources” are usually the worst peddlers of the “standard opinion” which is used to turn eager academic suckers, into losers, again, and again, and again.7The case of “Parvus,” just referenced above, is a suitable illustration.

I am a well-established expert in all such timely matters as those, as I demonstrate this by repeatedly warning my associates against “swallowing” what they are habituated to usually regard as “generally recognized, reported facts.” I warn my associates—again, again, and yet again: “Do not be the kind of sucker who trusts in what are considered ‘generally reliable public opinion,’ especially the worst of that sort: the so-called ‘usually reliable sources’.”

In short, it is fairly said, at least frequently so, that those who relied on “reported facts,” will, if they live long enough, come, successfully, to ruin their day—if they, perhaps, are smart enough, and honest enough, at least to recognize what fools they should now admit what they, the most influential shapers of our destinies, have been. If you happen to be among the most pathetic fools among them all, would probably vote such failed electees into office again. However, it were better to turn our attention to the subject of “The Deeper Meaning of It All.”


Henceforth, during this and the then still remaining two chapters of our report, we shall be comparing two sharply contrasted views of the essential nature of our human species. In the first, which is the relatively more familiar and simpler view of an object-by-object tally of the human species’ notion of sense-perceptions, we shall consider mankind as crudely defined by the experience of human reliance on the relatively defective standard of mankind’s presently customary human (“objective”) sense-perception. In the close of this report, we shall take up a standpoint implicitly introduced by the concluding, third section of Bernhard Riemann’s 1854 habilitation dissertation. In effect, that latter signifies. today, the actually relativist standpoint which had been launched by Albert Einstein’s introduction of a domain beyond the implied confines of the literally sensory fictions of space and time, the “matter/antimatter” domain, and beyond as “seen” in the antics of the “Crab Nebula.”

Stated in relevant other terms, this means a mankind relying on the inherent potential power of the human mind: rather than the mere brain, rather than what might be described as a literal reading of what is merely the object-fixational schemes of “sense-perception” (what lies among, rather than within the adopted objects of mere sense-perception).8“Translated, that means Johannes Kepler’s concept of what is otherwise named “Metaphor” (“vicarious hypothesis”): rather than the reductionist’s “objects,” but a set of ironical relationships as uniquely defined, named concepts. e.g., Albert Einstein: “finite but not bounded.” We should begin a relativist’s tour of relevant experience, with reference to the implications of the subject of a lapsed time of travel, from Moon to Mars, within approximately one week.

We enter such domains of inquiry, as if step by step. For example:

The most important source of the inherent failure of ancient through contemporary notions of economies, has been lodged in the notion of what is commonly identified by the term “monetary system,” otherwise described as a mission based on the notion of the what has been formally declared as the oligarchical principle of the reign of money per se, rather than a principled increase of efficiently physical wealth per capita and per unit of territory.

Money as such, as a mere object, for all the lust it engenders among the credulous, has no intrinsic value whatsoever.

To begin the relevant journey of exploration accomplished by the powers of the human mind, we emphasize that mankind is the only known living species whose existence depends upon an increasing relative emphasis on the implied history of mankind’s existential dependency upon the essentially willful use of “fire.”

Once that crucial point is established, thus, here, we have the following point to be considered.

To our best information respecting this subject-matter, the best known origins of the rise of monetarist forms of human systems, are to be traced to what might be fairly described, more or less international maritime systems of navigational practices which were then, relatively speaking, impressive abilities in the use of astronomy, not merely, as lately within the region of the Mediterranean Sea, but with trans-oceanic abilities in navigation, and also tendencies fairly identified as piratical forces using their advantages in skills as means of subjugating ordinary folk into degrees of servitude as virtual cattle. Out of this process came a system of tyranny exerted by those maritime systems which subjugated ordinary folk, turning them virtually into the state of human cattle herded rooted in what had been a predatory maritime system.

That system, as most familiar to us, for our purposes here, as ancient Mediterranean regions, had established, somehow, somewhere, a system which we now refer to as “money systems,” and are otherwise properly identified as “oligarchical systems,” as to be contrasted with what are defined as “credit systems” such as the economy of the Massachusetts Bay development prior to the rapacity of the New Venetian Party’s the Dutch wars and Rene Descartes against foolish Louis XIV’s France. This had transpired as prior to the invasion, rape, and conquest of the British Isles by the followers of Paolo Sarpi’s “New Venetian” party, that of such evil predators as William of Orange. The restoration of the mission-orientation which had been launched earlier in the form of the Massachusetts Bay colony, as this restoration had been typified by Benjamin Franklin’s proposal for a “paper money” credit-system, and the related, brilliant insight of Alexander Hamilton, has been the leading alternative to the perpetuation of the oligarchical tradition of the European money-systems still, usually, to the present date.

Against those outlined considerations, consider the implications, for today, of the great modern accomplishments of Russia’s V. I. Vernadsky.

The Vernadsky Factor

Vernadsky’s works of genius, had been capped, as if up to the present time, by what remain in the condition of the still relatively poorly understood, deeper implications of what had been actually his unique role in defining the meaning of the two, relatively distinct qualities of the actually ontological meaning of the distinct quality of the universal categories of both “life” and “human creativity.”What is the meaning of life as a distinctly unique physical category of action?” “What is the distinctly, uniquely physical, implication of the category of human physical creativity?” Both of those two categories convey a curious sense of an ontological relationship of such considerations to the notions of the functional implications of the notions of sets of relations designated by the terms “matter/anti-matter.”

“Quite naturally,” one might say, the presently practical notion of relatively near- future travel from Moon to Mars, that requiring a single week of travel by means of properly applied impulse of thermonuclear fusion, obliterates not only the saddening legacy of the rabid “Austrian School” of Ernst Mach, but also the worse British successor, the rabid reductionist, Bertrand Russell. Let us first examine the ontological implications of the twin principles of life and human physical creativity with greater care.

The problem to be emphasized for our purposes here, lies essentially in the fact that the human spoken languages, the common, written use of the spoken language, for example, must be traced, in a very large relative degree, to the limitations which the functions of human living biology impose on the ability to employ what we known as language as a means for conveying meaningful distinctions of what we customarily term as “ideas.” It should be fairly obvious, even with a relative minimum of human efforts, to recognize the fact that there are certain radical limitations for an essentially biological determination on the scope of the usefulness of spoken and written forms of human language. This is especially notable respecting the biological scales of the relatively very large and very small, as Bernhard Riemann had emphasized this in the concluding, third section of his celebrated 1854 habilitation dissertation. Nonetheless, current custom has essentially ignored crucial implications of that fact.

The problematic implications of this becomes an acute degree of difficulty when we seek to intrude into the domain of those phenomena which are specific to both life in general, and also to human behavior as a medium of language-like communications. This is shown with relative clarity when we consider the existence of a certain special quality of directedness specific to, first, the phenomena of life as such, and, second, of the expressions of human scientific and related artistic creativity (i.e., Classical metaphor).

Therefore, to supply a specific illustration of this set of facts, the functions of life as such, on the one hand, and human scientific and Classical-artistic creativity as such, on the other, requires “a sense of directedness” which is the antithesis of the order commonly attributed to the sense-experience of clock-time. Hence, we must consider the lack of any consistent ontological meaning for the popularly attributed notions of life and of human creativity. Those facts might startle us immediately, when we draw out the implications of Albert Einstein’s original definitions of notions of “matter/antimatter” relationships. Once we do the necessary comprehensive scrapping of the vestiges of the fraudulent radicalism of both the pathetically brutish Ernst Mach and the frankly Satanic Bertrand Russell, a much-needed clarity is to be allowed to emerge.

Those indicated distinctions of the sense-perception of what we call “matter” from both “life” and specifically human “intellectual creativity,” call to our attention the fact of the grave error represented in attempting to trace the original notions of “matter” and related experiences, from the very small, toward the universal. This has been a grave error of presumptions: we must recognize that the expanding (“Keplerian,“ finite, but unbounded”) universality of a metaphorical “vicarious hypothesis,” came first! The quality of life as such, and of specifically human creativity, is commonly expressed in quasi-substantial, but nonetheless efficient terms of reference, as if in something beyond the notion of a “matter/anti-matter” ordering within what must be recognized as an actual universe.9E.g., beyond simple “matter/anti-matter” as suggested by the case of the Crab Nenula.

The point which I have just made immediately above, needs some serious, if, presently, only preliminary reflections. In the relatively simpler aspect, the motive of life reigns; in the superior aspect, it is the creative aspect experienced as the human efficiently creative will, that which raises the creative personality to a higher quality of physical state of existence in the universe, which distinguishes mankind absolutely. The two such qualities are united under the titles of, respectively, evolution of life-forms, and the higher state represented as voluntary (e.g. human) creativity, those respectively in a finite but unbounded universe.

The essential distinction of man from higher apes, is the ability to discover answerable questions bearing on the subject of the continuing search for fresh illustations of universal principles. For example: Fire! Ever higher forms of fire! The human willful advantage of hotter expressions of fire!


It were a fairly declarable fact, that every U.S. Presidency since the assassination of John F. Kennedy, has been, relatively speaking, an awful failure on balance, in its end. Fairly stated, the point is, that while a certain part of those Presidencies, such as that of George W. Bush, Jr., and Barack Obama, have been the worst among the actual causes of this legacy of failures this far; others, earlier, had each, since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, failed to correct a net continuing trend of decadence a trend of decadence expressed as a continuing process of the inherent wrecking of our national economy by the predecessors. We should emphasize the cases of the post-1971 Presidencies under George W. Bush, Jr. and, the “new, would-be Emperor Nero,” the frankly evil, implicitly treasonous Barack Obama, as having been the very worst this far.10Consider the Presidency of Andrew Jackson and his two controllers, Aaron Burr and Martin van Buren, who had, deliberately, bankrupted the United States, as exemplary spiritual predecessors of the likes of a Satanic Barack Obama, who, we must admit, has been, therefore, the emptiest, and, therefore, for us, the most Satanic of them all. The question to be presented here, is why and how, did Obama succeed in becoming the absolutely worst of them this far: the most extremely depraved, and perhaps the doomed last U.S. President of them all, and an echo, in all respects, of the mass-murderous Emperor Nero?

To know outcomes in such cases, we must examine the particular roots of those periods of such evil. Look back, to periods of what would be fairly identified as periods of significantly forward thrust of cultural progress, since the time of that rebirth of civilization which came following the terrible “new dark age” which struck near the end of Europe’s 15th Century.


In our association’s regular Weekly Report for April 4th, I had confronted our audience with a crucial distinction separating the notion of matter from the specific qualities of both what is merely life as such, and, also, the independence of life as such from the respectively independent powers of the higher domain of a specific independence of the creative powers of the human mind, even in respect to the creative powers of what were merely life as such.

This view includes the evidence that both life as such and human creativity as such, share a certain independence from, and “directly opposite” directedness, respecting what we recognize conventionally as “matter,” otherwise.

Both life as such, and mind as such, each share an existence whose sense of an innate, intertwined direction, is directly, and also absolutely, contrary to the definitions of “ordinary matter,” and also what is commonly identified as “matter/anti-matter” otherwise.

These and closely related specifications define the “bare bones” approach to locating what is represented by the poorly understood, actual functions of what may be appropriately identified as the actual “powers of the human mind.”

These apparent powers of what is named “the creative powers of the imagination,” pertain specifically, to the notions of “life” as such, and also include those specific kinds of creative powers which are unique to what is named as “the human powers of creative imagination,” The latter powers, those of the creative human imagination, are knowable for us, so far, only as to the human species, or, implicitly, some relatively higher quality of species. The most notable, and relevant feature of this, is that the notions of “life as such,” and human voluntary creativity “as such,” are expressed in the guise of the efficient action of the future on the present. Life can not be derived from what is not life, and human willful creativity can be expressed only as action by the future on the present, as in the case of the principles of counterpoint of Johann Sebastian Bach, for example.11Other (e.g., contrary) conceptions of voluntary composition, including those of what is termed “entertainment,” belong to the domain of the inherent destructiveness of relative non-life. Consider the models of the singers in Florence’s Santa Maria del Fiore as illustrating the relevant principle.

Or, to restate the same point in other terms of reference, these powers subordinate the other known principles of action in the universe. These are the only known instances of what is presently known to us as the ruling principles of the universe.

Necessary Reflections

From as much as I have written in this present report this far, the essential absurdity of prevalent opinion respecting the matters to which I have referred in this report, the currently popular notion of a “physical universe” includes some unignorable absurdities. The fact of the existence of the phenomena of the experience of an efficiently noëtic principle of human life in the universe, emphasizes the importance of the notion of “in-sidedness” of our existence with respect to our noëtic function of action in our attempts at changing the universe from “the inside.”12The celebrated I Corinthians 23 of the Christian Apostle Paul prompts attention on this account. When we are actually being creative, we do not act upon; we act from within, that as noëtic beings from within the universe which we inhabit. Hence, “available access to immortality from the upside of the inside.”

We are prompted to think and explore in relevant directions, when we bring higher principles of the universe into play through our actions from within our future.


1Shall we report that the Crab Nebula seems to be faster than light?
2Über die Hypothesen, welche der Geometrie zu Grunde liegen.
3I had rejected Euclidean geometry most emphatically, that rejection based on most excellent premises of insight, by the close of the first day of that class. My naive judgment of the matter had been correct from the start: I gained a certain ultimate advantage lacking in those classmates of mine who were victimized by their attempted devotion to conformity with the “standard” curriculum. The implications of this fact became very, very clear under the conditions of my role in the Fusion Energy Foundation (FEF), but were otherwise well established by the mid-1950s career as a consultant.
4The Wednesday Weekly Report for April 4, 2012, contains some relevant elements of final report.
5See the celebrated December 2, 1971 debate between Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. and Keynesian Professor Abba Lerner at New York Queens’ College, where I wrought a memorable defeat of both Lerner and the crew of leading New York area economists whom Lerner had been called in to defend.
6“Alexander” Helphand, a leading British arms-trafficker and terrorist, later rather widely known by the nom-de-guerre of “Parvus,” was brought into the British intelligence service during the early 1890s through the British Fabian Society and Frederick Engels, all as part of the scheme launched beginning 1888-1890 for a “World War” between, principally, on the one side Britain, France, and Russia, all against, most notably, Russia and the declining Habsburg empire. Helphand functioned as a leading agent of the British arms industry. The actual war-fighting of what would be later named as “World War I” had been launched by an alliance between the British Prince of Wales and the Mikado, for war against China and Russia in the Far East. The ouster of Bismarck and the assassination of the France’s President Carnot, were key preparation measures, complemented by the Balkan wars, for the “Guns of August.” “Parvus” died shortly after my birth, but British network which he served has continued to operate in the same general territory as Parvus had in his time. It has been the legacy of British agent Alexander Helphand which has expressed the British empire’s global strategy since the expulsion of Germany’s Chancellor Bismarck, the rise to power of Britain’s Prince of Wales, otherwise known as “Edward VII.” The assassination of France’s President Sadi Carnot and the lunching of the alliance against China launched by an alliance of the Princeof Wales with the Mikado, were the actual establishment of what was to become known as the inauguration as “World War I.”
7The case of “Parvus,” just referenced above, is a suitable illustration.
8“Translated, that means Johannes Kepler’s concept of what is otherwise named “Metaphor” (“vicarious hypothesis”): rather than the reductionist’s “objects,” but a set of ironical relationships as uniquely defined, named concepts. e.g., Albert Einstein: “finite but not bounded.”
9E.g., beyond simple “matter/anti-matter” as suggested by the case of the Crab Nenula.
10Consider the Presidency of Andrew Jackson and his two controllers, Aaron Burr and Martin van Buren, who had, deliberately, bankrupted the United States, as exemplary spiritual predecessors of the likes of a Satanic Barack Obama, who, we must admit, has been, therefore, the emptiest, and, therefore, for us, the most Satanic of them all.
11Other (e.g., contrary) conceptions of voluntary composition, including those of what is termed “entertainment,” belong to the domain of the inherent destructiveness of relative non-life. Consider the models of the singers in Florence’s Santa Maria del Fiore as illustrating the relevant principle.
12The celebrated I Corinthians 23 of the Christian Apostle Paul prompts attention on this account. When we are actually being creative, we do not act upon; we act from within, that as noëtic beings from within the universe which we inhabit. Hence, “available access to immortality from the upside of the inside.”