The Final Stage of Obama’s Dictatorship
April 12, 2012 • 1:32PM

by David Christie -- on behalf of the national slate of LPAC-endorsed candidates for US Congress

Be not deceived- Obama’s full frontal attack on the Supreme Court is nothing less than the final phase of his “Hitler dictatorship”. Obama has now effectively adopted the “fuhrerprinzip” of the Nazi legal theorist, Carl Schmitt.

After Adolph Hitler murdered his political opponents during the “night of the long knives”, Schmitt authored a short, but concise justification of the Hitler dictatorship, in August of 1934, which stated that in a “…moment of danger he directly creates law by virtue of his leadership as the supreme judicial authority.... The true Leader is always also Judge. From the Leadership flows the judgeship.” The nature of Obama’s attack on the Supreme Court is to establish him as judge, jury, and executioner. It is the final stage in a process of his attack on due process, in both the detention policy contained in the NDAA, and the targeted assassinations of American citizens without trial.

In a webcast delivered on April 11th, 2009, Lyndon LaRouche identified Obama as a carbon copy of the Emperor Nero. In that webcast, LaRouche elaborated that Obama is a Narcissist, not only as Nero was, but as Adolph Hitler was as well. In the past three years since that webcast, we have now seen LaRouche’s warning play out in Obama’s intense commitment to destroy our nation and the Constitution it is based upon, in his drive to implement a fascist dictatorship. We have seen his utter contempt for the separation of the powers contained in the Constitution by his attack on Libya, refusing to go to Congress for the authorization of war. He has even violated international law by ordering the assassination of the captured Muammar Gaddafi.

But his latest violation of the separation of powers in the Constitution, concerning his attack on the Supreme Court, is the last step in this Hitler coup. He must be removed immediately through impeachment, or by the 25th Amendment. This violation of the judicial review process of the Supreme Court, and his attack on the “unelected judges”, has now finally caught the attention of those within the institutions who had said that LaRouche was “over the top” on both the Nero comparison, and Obama’s Hitler mustache. Impeachment is now being murmured through the halls of our institutions, with a House Concurrent Resolution (H. Con. Res 107) that has been submitted by Walter Jones in the US congress, putting impeachment squarely on the table.

With a serious impeachment drive led by the National LaRouche Slate, the danger is that Obama will start a war abroad, to distract from his problems at home. However, any of the wars that start now, will not be limited to abroad. Any one of the global hotspots in Iran, Syria or North Korea, can set off a chain reaction process, culminating in thermonuclear war. Since the death of Gaddafi last October, LaRouche warned that the collapsing British Empire would use their puppet Obama to threaten Russia and China with thermonuclear annihilation, forcing them to forsake their commitment to true economic progress. The only way to stop this danger of a global thermonuclear holocaust is to immediately remove Obama.

Once he goes, we can implement the platform of the National LaRouche Slate, and return to our Constitution. This platform must be seen as a single integrated conception, beginning with the restoration of Glass-Steagall to wipe out the British Imperial banking syndicate, and then a return to Alexander Hamilton’s policy for national banking. This return to our national banking system will restore our sovereignty, by ensuring that we can finance our own development, instead of relying on the dole of the international banking cartel. What gives credit, or credibility, to the US Dollar, is our commitment to develop the future, with projects like NAWAPA, that create a potential for growth that outpaces attrition by increasing the energy flux density of the system as a whole. Real economics is scientific and cultural advancement, and requires a sovereign banking system to promote that and give us control over our destiny.

What constitutes the existence of the United States is each citizen’s participation in the core principles of our nation contained in the preamble- the general welfare, posterity and sovereignty. The intention of the system of checks and balances in the constitution is to ensure that our nation operates on these principles, not the momentary whims of a king or dictator. We have let Obama stay for too long. He must be removed now.

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