Greece Calls Parliamentary Elections for May 6
April 15, 2012 • 8:38AM

The official date for Greece's general election will be May 6. Several parties are committed to fighting the austerity policies of the genocidal Troika Memorandum, but no party has yet to present a clearly worked-out program.

Thus, without an international shift, there's the danger of chaos.

According to the latest polls, no party will have a majority to form a government. Even a coalition between the two traditional largest parties, the New Democracy and the Pasok is in doubt, since polls show they could get a combined vote of just over 33%. Meanwhile the other parties, including Radical Left Coalition (Syriza), the Communist Party (KKE), the newly formed Independent Greeks, and the Democratic Left are polling between 7% and 13%. Although these parties openly oppose the Memorandum, it's unlikely they are able to form a government.

Some Greek intelligence sources believe that the Pasok and New Democracy would be able to form a government, perhaps with another, splinter party. Other well-informed sources believe the real struggle will be after the election, because whoever wins would immediately come under pressure to implement even more brutal austerity and reforms by June. This could create an ungovernable situation and even an early collapse of a new government.

The key issue is the ongoing brutal collapse of the economy. The Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT ) reported that unemployment rose to a record of 21.8% in January from a revised 21.2% in December. The number of unemployed people grew by 26,000 from December. There are now 1,084,668 registered unemployed people in the country, while the number of people considered economically inactive is 3,342,853. The total, 4,427,521, is far greater than the number of employed, which is at 3,880,120. One in four women is out of work (25.7%); just over half (50.8%) of young people under the age of 24 are also unemployed.