December 12th 2011 • 2:00PM

The Trans-Atlantic system has come to the point where the failure to have rejected what Thatcher, Mitterand and Bush Sr. had imposed 20 years ago on Europe, has not only brought about the looming full disintegration of the Trans-Atlantic region, but that reality is driving the Empire that created it, into engaging the United States, Russia, China and the world into thermo-nuclear war.

December 7th 2011 • 4:30PM

There are times in history where a nation changes course in an instant; where what seemed impossible a moment before is suddenly possible; times where all predicates of existence as we had known it, vanish; and where public opinion suddenly shifts from complacency to action. December 7, 1941 is one such case.

December 2nd 2011 • 9:00PM

Were the United States to eject Obama, and to reciprocate Russia's offer for an S.D.E., we would not only avert the danger of thermonuclear war in the short term, but we could eliminate the reason for humanity to ever go to war. Peace, is not the negation of conflict; it’s an active commitment among all peoples to "the common aims of mankind".

December 11th 2011 • 9:00PM

Lyndon LaRouche delivered this webcast address to an LPAC town hall meeting, hosted by Diane Sare, to an audience of approximately 110 guests assembled in Princeton, New Jersey, on December 11, 2011. Here we re-play his opening remarks, together with the discussion period which followed.

December 6th 2011 • 5:00PM

In this installment of the Basement Mail Bag, host Ed Hamler and Basement member Jason Ross answer questions that were e-mailed from our national and international audience. This week features questions based on Ross' two latest videos Riemann II(a): Potential and Metaphor and Riemann II(b): Abelian Functions, on the important role that metaphor plays in illustrating concepts of science and economics.

December 2nd 2011 • 5:00PM

Michelle Fuchs reports on two sides of a potential global perspective for Arctic Development. The first is an update on Russia's planned Arctic City, dubbed "Umka" and the second is the planned expansion of Ireland's River Shannon Estuary. Also: the US just decommissioned its only icebreakers.

The Economic System · April 17, 2012
April 17th 2012 • 3:07PM

This week's discussion between Lyndon LaRouche and the national slate of LPAC endorsed candidates. For more on the campaigns, see

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