December 4th 2012 • 9:14PM

Here is a preview of the work from Washington D.C.

November 22nd 2012 • 7:01PM

The short statement from the Environmental Protection Agency, refusing to lift the mandate on corn ethanol shows, yet again, that in this time of crisis, the United States under Barack Obama will disintegrate.

November 8th 2012 • 2:45PM

Anton Chaitkin, history director for Executive Intelligence Review and author of Treason In America, traces the destructive effects of the system of political parties, from George Washington's famous warning through Andrew Jackson, the Civil War, the betrayal of FDR's legacy, and up through the present day. Chaitkin is also the author of "Andrew Jackson: A Treason Project", available here.

November 28th 2012 • 2:45PM

The challenge posed by future asteroid and comet impacts must be addressed, if we are to ensure the defense of life on our planet. Step 1: early detection! The earlier we can find a potentially threatening object, the more time we have to act. But what gives mankind, uniquely, the ability to do this?

November 12th 2012 • 5:47PM

Diane Sare, member of the LaRouche national electoral policy committee and former candidate for US House of Representatives, announces her campaign for Governor of the state of New Jersey against Chris Christie.

November 3rd 2012 • 4:37PM

Question and answer session of Friday's press conference titled "Benghazi 9/11 · Obama's Impeachable Crimes" The press conference was keynoted by Lyndon LaRouche with an in-depth presentation by Jeffrey Steinberg.

*Please note: Due to technical difficulties, the audio throughout the Q&A is inconsistent.

The Economic System · April 17, 2012
April 17th 2012 • 3:07PM

This week's discussion between Lyndon LaRouche and the national slate of LPAC endorsed candidates. For more on the campaigns, see

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